The Shore Report Podcast

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Purpose of Project
The Shore Report podcast is a communication tool, as outlined in the Town’s Corporate Communication Strategy to ensure residents, visitors, the business community and potential investors are hearing direct messaging from the Town. Each episode includes a guest, whether a business owner, other economic development stakeholder, elected official, or Town colleague.

The podcast is a low budget tool used to broadly share the story of the Municipality. Episodes vary in length with an average time of 12 minutes. The podcast is accessible, free and available through a variety of platforms, including SoundCloud and iTunes. Because the podcast is widely accessible and provides informative content in an entertaining manner, it is shared and listened to regularly, beyond the region.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
Potential investors and newcomers are encouraged to listen to the podcast to understand the landscape of Saugeen Shores. The guests on the show do a great job to describe their experience as it relates to doing business locally or how their work has economic impact to the Town. Sharing these stories are helping the Town to meet external communication objectives.

Metrics including listenership (counts and locations) are gathered and remind us we are effective in meeting audience beyond Saugeen Shores. The Shore Report has had over 5,000 listens, in 39 countries.

Challenges/Changes Made
In order to comply with Municipal Election Policy, the Shore Report has declined elected official as guests to the podcast, in 2018. This has provided an opportunity to invite additional stakeholders to the show.

Target Audience
The Shore Report has a target audience which includes residents, and potential investors. Each episode is designed to include key messaging from the guest, and to align the discussion with Corporate Strategic Priorities, and Economic Development Strategic Goals for the Town of Saugeen Shores. In many cases, the episodes are reflective of the quality of life, entrepreneurial spirit and welcoming community found in Saugeen Shores.

Additional Information
By inviting business owners, and local leaders to the Shore Report, the podcast has proven to be an effective and innovative aid to interaction with the business community. Not only does the free promotion attract business owners, but they are delighted to learn their local municipality is thinking outside of the box and offering a creative solution to sharing direct messaging/story telling of who we are as a community. Business owners and other economic development stakeholders identify the podcast as a unique tool to promote and market the Town of Saugeen Shores.

Listeners are encouraged to provide show ideas and feedback to Listeners have sent in notes of appreciation in the effort to provide clear and concise messaging, in a unique outlet. The podcast has been deemed as a “fun and effective” tool in delivering the story of success on behalf of the Town of Saugeen Shores.

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