Savour Elgin/Elgin Arts Trail Discovery Guide

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | County of Elgin

Purpose of Project
The Savour Elgin/Elgin Arts Trail Discovery Guide is a dual purpose lure brochure, half of which is designed to showcase Elgin’s finest wineries, farmers’ markets, agri-tourism attractions, and restaurants and half of which is designed to promote Elgin’s galleries, studios, and performing arts facilities. It outlines the route through Elgin County that tourists can take to discover the unique culinary and arts experiences available in the region. The primary objective of the publication is to raise the profile of Elgin culinary and arts attractions outside of Elgin County and increase arts and culinary tourism visitation.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The Savour Elgin/Elgin Arts Trail Discovery Guide was able to meet its primary objective by extensive advertising outside of the region. The Savour Elgin/Elgin Arts Trail Guide was distributed through several different channels:

  • 15,000 were inserted into Lifestyle Magazine (a free magazine distributed at over 50 locations in London, St. Thomas, and area.)
  • 1,000 inserted into the Daytripper Magazine (Southwestern Ontario circulation)
  • 300 were distributed at the National Women’s Show in Toronto
  • The remaining 13,700 were distributed at member locations within Elgin County, at Elgin County’s two summer tourism kiosks, and at tradeshows and conferences
  • An electronic version of the guide was also made available on, and

As a result of this extensive promotion members of Savour Elgin and the Elgin Arts Trail have reported increased visitation to their locations from visitors who have mentioned seeing their locations in the guide.

Challenges & Changes Made
Smaller art and culinary business often lack the funds, time, and in-house expertise to advertise their businesses outside of the region. Elgin County was able to bring these businesses together, leveraging limited funds to marketing them as a group thus providing greater exposure than they could have achieved on their own.

Target Audience
Culinary and art tourists are explorers with the financial wherewithal to explore new culinary offerings while traveling and spend up to 50% of their travel budgets on food-related activities. Elgin targeted women in Ontario between the ages of 35 and 60 who make the travel decisions in their families. Because the guide combines both the Savour Elgin and Elgin Arts trail programs it is able to speak to two different, but often overlapping and complementary target audiences at the same time maximizing marketing efforts.

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