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Red Deer County has recently launched their own independent Economic Development website.  This is one of the initiatives that came out of their recently completed 5 year Strategic Plan which was adopted by council last spring.  The attractive, simplistic design offers ease of use and navigation for the user and a huge amount of information at the click of the mouse.  Its format is also mobile friendly which was one of the must haves with the new site.

The new website is designed to attract entrepreneurs and new business investment to the area, as well as provide insight and growth opportunity to existing businesses.  Businesses will be able to explore our business parks, find information on thriving industries, and get a real understanding of the business climate in Red Deer County.  The website provides access to helpful tools like partner resources, interactive data, business directory listings, and real estate opportunities.

With the new website, we will be able to scrutinize the analytics collected and determine who is looking at our community, as well as where they are from and what sort of information they are looking for.  This collection of data will provide us with a data base of contacts for future reference as well.

Red Deer County is focused on being business ready and feel that the implementation of an independent website dedicated to Economic Development is a great addition to the tools we already have in place.  A sizable amount of data is kept current by linking to external databases which are monitored and kept up-to-date with relevant information for business people to readily access.  The ability to have the real estate bank will be invaluable when searching for vacant lands or buildings.

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