Quarterly Reports

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation

Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes:
The quarterly report is an effective tool the marketing department has introduced to meet an internal and external objective of communicating the Corporation’s activities by department to regional funders and stakeholders on a quarterly basis. Historically, the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WE EDC) only published and distributes an annual report at its Annual General Meeting and then posted the document to the Corporate website. Annually sharing information, accomplishments and performance metrics was not sufficient, therefore as directed, the marketing team with input from all corporate departments created a quarterly report with the purpose of highlighting business development accomplishments and initiatives. Providing an overview of regional economic interactions that include and not limited to, outreach, consultation, tradeshows, performance metrics (measurements), entrepreneurship, marketing and international outreach by WE EDC’s business development team. The report also highlights and communicates the economic environment of the Windsor-Essex region during that timeframe. The anticipated outcome to communicate and keep WE EDC’s board of directors, funders, partners and the public informed through this reporting structure has been achieved. This e-publication is not an e-newsletter but rather a scheduled report that now meets the needs of the Corporation’s board of directors, funders and stakeholders.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives:
The design of the quarterly report clearly shows the activities of each WE EDC department, as well as a performance metrics page that at a glance, shows the ‘pulse of the region’ for the particular quarter. These reports have received positive feedback as it serves as a unique solution to economic development challenges of keeping the board of directors, funders and public informed and up-to-date. Since the quarterly report is sent electronically we can reach an audience that are genuinely interested in the Corporation’s activities. In 2016, when WE EDC’s marketing department first introduced the report is was distributed to 225 people. Since that time due to significant requests the distribution has grown with an increase from 2016 to 2017 by over 40% and from 2017 to today by over 30%.  Currently the quarterly reports are strategically distributed to 3,500 people and shared on the Corporation’s website.

Challenges & Changes Made:
Internally, it is our goal to distribute the quarterly report no later than the second week after the end of each quarter however, it can be challenging to gather the statistics provided by external sources due to their later release date – to complete the regional economic indicators found on the performance metrics according to our timeline.

Target Audience (demographics):
The target audience includes stakeholders, funders, board of directors, media, provincial, federal and municipal government officials, entrepreneurs, small businesses, industry, partner agencies, business attraction prospects and the public. The quarterly reports have also served to assist the various WE EDC departments with planning and implementation of activities and events and provides benefit as a motivator and source of pride among the dedicated WE EDC staff.

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