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Purpose of Project
To celebrate Canada’s 150th year since Confederation, the Town of Stony Plain teamed up with Mural Mosaic, a St.
Albert based artist group, and the Canada 150 Mosaic project to create a mural mosaic representing the spirit of Stony Plain. In November, 400 residents were invited to capture their interpretation of what makes Stony Plain a community with the painting of a 4” by 4” tile. When the paint dried, there were over 850 tiles assembled together to form the final mosaic mural.

To further celebrate the Canada 150 Mural a promotional blanket was created to capture this historical Mural. This
promotional blanket is a special and unique memento available to the public to honor Stony Plains heritage and Canada’s 150 year.

Effectiveness/ Meeting Objectives
The objectives of this project were to create a sense of community by inviting the community at large to contribute to
this beautiful Canada 150 mural. The blanket is part of Stony Plain’s unique identity and shows its sense of pride. Stony Plain is known for its murals and this latest addition further cements the identity of our community. This rich culture make the town an attractive place for entrepreneurs to not only set up a business, but settle and raise a family, becoming part of the fabric of Stony Plain. Part of the marketing campaign the economic development department has recently embarked upon is to promote living and doing business within our borders. This promotes a collaborative and inclusive community, and also signifies the importance of our town’s culture.

Target Audience
The target audience of this promotional item is ageless; the blanket appeals to all ages and holds a personal touch for
those individuals that are able to spot their very own piece of art! This blanket is intended as a special item for
giveaways, silent auctions, and special community acknowledgements. As a Town formerly known as “The Town with
the Painted Past” this blanket is a favorite among our community! The Towns sister community of Shikaoi sends 90
students and chaperones annually to Stony Plain. The blanket will provide a lasting memory to our visitors to take back home and share a piece of Stony Plain and Canada.

Appendix A:
See Photos attached.

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