Passport to Opportunity – Niagara, Canada

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Purpose of Project
The informational booklets were created to truly resemble Canadian passports and were provided to leading U.S. based consultant site selectors as a follow-up to Niagara Region’s participation in a series of conference events for U.S. site selectors and municipal stakeholders interested in developing meaningful relationships with these location decision influencers.

Each booklet was printed on specialized paper intended to mimic a real Canadian passport and was customized to the individual recipients.  The “passports” were then inserted into a personalized, embossed leather passport cover which the individual could use during their extensive travels. Each document contains a short introduction to Niagara as well as several of the most compelling reasons why Niagara is the perfect location to expand business into and locate within Niagara region.

Target Audience
The target audience for this promotional piece was U.S. based consultant site selectors (who would ultimately require a “passport” to travel to-and-from Canada).  However, based on initial success of the piece it has been subsequently leveraged with: international investors, development prospects, dignitaries, and international guests; for the purpose of attracting foreign investment opportunities within the Niagara Region. The original pieces were individually customized; each one included the target client’s names and other personalized information.  Subsequent reprints were done on a more generic basis with the capability to customize as needed based on the audience.

Being a customized single-use document, the initial production costs where high because each unit had a separate cover that was fully individualized and printed on unique paper.  Economies of scale could not be achieved as a large quantity of printing was not practical.  Further to that end, each unit had to be hand made which allowed for slight variations and imperfections when compared to a mass produced print project.

The promotional passports were very well received by the U.S. based site selectors as well as foreign investment clients and the excitement that it created was felt by everyone involved. The idea has since evolved into a much larger marketing effort and will continue to be a promotional resource to attract foreign investment into the Niagara Region.

The passport concept has evolved from a single use, customized, promotional item and has been made generic (not fully personalized) and saved in multiple formats for use as PDF, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and large sale print production. The information will be updated as required and will continue to remain an up to date document for promotional purposes.

Other Details
One example of a fully customized, printed passport, will be sent via Mail for the judges’ review process.

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