Video: North of Ordinary

Promotional - Video | County of Simcoe Economic Development Office

The Purpose and Target Audience
In preparation for an investment pitch to a major corporation, the County of Simcoe wanted to harness the power of video to help showcase the region as a great place to live and invest.  The purpose was to prepare a high energy video that quickly touched on many of the key selling points or the value proposition for the County.  While the initial catalyst was the pending pitch to a particular investor, we purposely developed the video so that it could act as a larger tool to promote the region and attract investment and jobs to the area.  We accomplished this goal by ensuring there were no customized messages for the targeted investor which would limit the usefulness of the video.  The video is now leveraged during meetings, conferences, trade shows and business interactions to promote the region’s economic development opportunities.  Our primary target audience are potential investors that are considering Simcoe County as an investment location.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools because it caters to the brain’s visual and auditory systems.  Watching a video helps us pick up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery and music.  Our goal to use video was to elicit an emotional bond (excitement about the region) which in turn will help influence a potential investor to consider Simcoe County.  The video helped us to highlight many of the key assets we have in the region as well as the abundance of activities that residents (future employees) can enjoy in their own backyards.

Since launching the video, we have received positive feedback from members of the public that have seen the video and partners such as Georgian College are even asking permission to use the video as part of their promotional activities such as the recruitment of international students.  The video obviously struck a chord with some who shared comments about the video making them proud to call our County home and asking for permission to share the video with friends and family and on their own personal social media outlets.

Challenges & Changes Made:
The main challenge with the creation of this video was the short-turnaround time.  We only had about 72 hours to work with the production company including lining up some video shoots, developing the storyline and editing.  To help with the short-timeframe we accessed some footage previously purchased for other corporate videos and photos from other photoshoots we had for other promotion initiatives.

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