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Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project was to improve Niagara Region’s Economic Development website using industry best in class standards with a unique and innovate designs and new branding. The previous website was built on a proprietary content management system that was out of date and no longer possible to meet today’s users. A new WordPress website was developed as part of a new strategic marketing plan to position Niagara globally to potential investors and site selectors.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective
The new website has seen an instant improvement to user experience, engagement and attraction. The new website is not only mobile friendly, but designed with mobile in mind for the increasing number of traffic that is mobile. The new website is getting positive feedback from people all around the world and has already started to increase the generation of leads.

Challenges & Changes Made
The website was developed on an extremely tight timeline due to funding and budget requirements. The time for collecting and editing content, providing feedback and directing changes was compressed. Making small edits to the site map, content, and core data along the way, to appease the many stakeholders, was hard to keep up with and did result in some rework. The end-result is a flexible, content rich website that is easy to navigate and broken into logical categories with relevant quick links to key areas of the website. Meeting AODA 2.0AA compliance was also a challenge because not only does the website need to be fully accessible but also PDF brochures, presentations and videos too. However, this now ensures that our website is future ready and fully accessible to anyone, regardless of his or her barriers to traditional websites that do not meet the same level of rigger.

Target Audiences:

Business Attraction – Know It |

  • Commercial realtors and site selectors (Ontario, Great Lake States – USA)
  • Investment decisions makers (Ontario, Great Lake States – USA, Germany, UK, China, Mexico)
    • Key Sectors – Manufacturing, Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics, Tourism
  • Trade commissioners in Ontario and abroad (North America, South America, Europe, Asia)

The website features content in the following categories: why Niagara?, key sectors, our services, incentives and programs, data, and media. There are also quick links to a site selector section, brochures, about us, our partners, and subscribe and contact us.  The site features explainer videos that support the informational content on the website as well as many supplementary articles and video success stories that we can use for social media and content marketing purposes. A Premier sites section has been developed for site selectors, which identifies and showcases a narrow list of pre-qualified properties, using a complex scoring matrix. Branded digital PDF brochures are also available online in 6 additional languages that highlight Niagara’s key sectors and value propositions.

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