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Purpose of Project
More than 30 videos have been created to support the websites  and with engaging content that can also be used for marketing purposes.

Marketing Objectives

  • Provide key messaging and key information in a short, engaging narrative to target audiences.
  • Share local business / investment success stories to target audiences
  • Share local resident / student success stories to target audiences
  • Share local partners success stories to target audiences

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective

The video content is a key component of the marketing plan. Sharing success stories on our website, partner websites and via social media is not only driving a considerable amount of traffic to the website and increasing new leads, it is getting positive feedback and changing the narrative within the region. People are excited over the opportunities here and encouraged by the growth that is currently happening in Niagara.  The most popular video to date is Jordan’s Story –

Challenges & Changes made
Timing was a critical component as development dollars were tied to funding criteria. Proper scouting, scheduling, story boarding and planning with multiple stakeholders needed to be perfect to ensure the final production and editing could stay on time and budget.

Target Audiences

Resident Attraction

Your Home | Your Future

  • Prospective Niagara residents *
  • Prospective Niagara immigrants *

* Educated and highly employable individuals, aged 25-45, currently residing in the GTA and abroad.

Business Attraction

Know It·

  • Commercial realtors and site selectors
  • Investment decisions makers
    • Manufacturing (Make It)
    • Agriculture (Grow It)
    • Transportation and Logistics (Move It)
    • Tourism (Build It)
  • Trade commissioners in Ontario and abroad

All videos which can all be found at:, can be divided into two categories:  informational and success stories.  Informational videos serve as content to support landing pages and are sprinkled throughout the two websites, where appropriate. Success stories sit together to share real local experiences with respect to living, working, studying and investing in Niagara Canada,. Success stories are all tagged by category and can also be found on relevant pages through the two websites. All videos are kept short (no more than 2 minutes in length) with the majority being under 1 minute. All videos can be used for social media, embedding within partner websites and shared as part of presentations. The videos all have close captioning in English and translation into 20 languages will be complete before the end of Q3, 2018.

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