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Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project is to have available a printed and digital PDF immigration guide that outlines why to live in Niagara and details on how to successfully immigrate and settle in the region. The goal is for the guide to be used as a tool to assist with resident and workforce attraction, helping local employers find access to talent.  The digital guide, made available on the website, can be easily downloaded and shared via email or social media and is available in 12 different languages. The printed guide is available to local immigration settlement agencies and distributed to partners, as well as at public events and immigration fairs.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective
The immigration guide has had amazing feedback. More than 1000 copies were handed out during the website launch on Canada Day, 2018 to those attending a Canada Day celebration in Niagara Falls. Already, requests have been received for additional copies of the printed guide to be made available throughout the region and distributed abroad.  The digital version is also getting fantastic feedback along with praise for the variety of professionally translated languages with thoughtful design and layout.

Challenges & Changes Made
The immigration guide was created as a resource guide in an effort to balance the fact that the website is English only. We lacked the resources to have a fully translated website and we did not want to rely on google translate. We still wanted to find an effective way of providing resources for individuals in alternative languages. The Guide needed to be AODA compliant, which is not as easy with a PDF document as it is with a web page, especially with additional languages and character sets. However, it was felt that a PDF would be easier to download and share and would be more user friendly then a website. The PDF would also have the added benefit of being print ready for distribution to settlement agencies and for marketing purposes. A mobile app is also on the radar for future areas of development to accompany the guide.

Target Audiences

Resident Attraction – Your Home | Your Future

  • Prospective Niagara immigrants – Educated and highly employable individuals, aged 25-45, currently residing in the GTA (New Comers to Canada) and abroad.

The 16 page guide was professionally translated into 12 additional languages to ensure people are able to access our information. The Immigration guide directs users to relevant places within the website as well as externally to industry experts and services providers. Another 8 languages are scheduled to be completed before the end of 2018.

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