Niagara Canada – Build It, Make It, Move It, Grow It, Know It

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Niagara Region - Economic Development

Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project is to promote Niagara Canada as a location to invest. Each part of the series makes up part of the whole. The full 24 regional profile provides a complete picture of the region and all of the reasons to invest in Niagara, but it has more information than may be necessary on a first point of contact. Each 4 page sector profile provides a summary of the key value proposition that Niagara has relative to the sector and provides data to support the positive stories. The printed sector profiles are small enough to take to trade missions and for B2B meetings. They pack enough information to be meaningful, along with a call to action to visit the website for even more information.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective
The sector specific profiles have had the most impact. Most people do not want a full publication anymore, at least not at first. Instead of trying to cram an entire website into a book, we have taken the most important information for the potential investor and broken it down by sector. Combined with the one page sales sheets, a customized package can be created to provide prospective investors a personalized printed or digital presentation. Although the focus is to start with the smaller publications, the full 24-page profile will become more important further down the marketing funnel.

Challenges & Changes Made
Language translation was an issue because the digital PDF’s are required to be AODA comliant which increases the complexity and the cost of creating PDF’s, especially when dealing with translation and graphically treated content.

Target Audiences

Business Attraction – Know It |

  • Commercial realtors and site selectors (Ontario, Great Lake States – USA)
  • Investment decisions makers (Ontario, Great Lake States – USA, Germany, UK, China, Mexico)
    • Key Sectors – Manufacturing, Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics, Tourism
  • Trade commissioners in Ontario and abroad (North America, South America, Europe, Asia)

Along with a full 24 page Niagara Canada profile, four sector specific promotional content has been created. The four sector guides, that are each four pages, have been created to provide detailed sector specific information. The four guides are: 1)Tourism – Build It, 2) Manufacturing – Make It, 3) Agri-businesses – Grow It, 4) Transportation and Logistics – Move It. A regional summary has also been created and translated into 5 additional languages – Know It. Each guide highlights Niagara’s unique value proposition within the sector and provides information on incentives as well as regional successes. The digital PDF versions are all available on the website, made available within sector specific pages and accessible by a quick link in the header menu. Printed versions are kept low in number, distributed to local area municipalities and partners. They will be customized and printed in low numbers, in house, on demand and with encouragement to access the updated versions online.

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