Niagara Canada – 1 Page Fact Sheets

Single Publication – less than 4 pages | Niagara Region - Economic Development

Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project is to have available a series of printed and digital PDF, one-page value proposition pieces as well as one-page sector profiles that are professionally translated into 5 different languages. Each individual 1 page fact sheet makes up part of a whole collection of information but is intended to be provided to potential investors as a customized package that address their specific needs within the identified sector(s).

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective
These one pagers have been well received by partners and potential investors. The translated pieces have been downloaded from the website and printed version as well as digital PDF’s have been distributed during trade missions and taken aboard to for B2B meetings.

Challenges & Changes Made
The largest challenge for printed materials when compared to a website is speed at which information becomes dated. While building the PDF’s, it was acknowledge that the information would become out of date very quickly. The decision was made to rely on the digital PDF as much as possible, updated quarterly and only print in small volumes enough quantity to be meet critical demand. Printed copies would be date stamped and encourage readers to visit the website for the most up to date information and can even be customized for specific leads.  

Target Audiences
The target audience is mainly investment decision makers and intermediaries within Canada, the Great Lake States, and other targeted locations abroad, within the following sectors: Manufacturing, Agri-Business, Tourism, Transportation and Logistics.

The pieces are designed to be bite sized summaries of information that are most important to a potential client at different parts of their investment journey.

One-Page sales sheets:

1) Bring-It: Trade and Investment Activity 2) Create It: Innovation and Technology 3) Save It: Financial Incentives 4) Live it: Quality of Life 5) Trade It:  Niagara Foreign Trade Zone

One-Page sector based materials:

1) Make It: Manufacturing 2) Grow it: Agriculture 3) Build It: Tourism, 4) Move It: Transportation and Logistics 5) Know it – Regional Fact Sheet

These pieces manage to say a lot in a little space and can be customize for each investment lead, with a call to action being the website.  These brochures are also all downloadable from the brochures section of the website, and other relevant locations within the website, providing potential investors and partner easy access to up to date information. Sector based materials as well as information on Niagara’s Foreign Trade Zone have all been translated into 5 additional languages – French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

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