Naturally L&A

Brand Identity / Application | Lennox and Addington County

Lennox and Addington County is located in Eastern Ontario. For over twenty years tourism marketing for Lennox and Addington County was managed by a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) called the Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association.

Unfortunately in late 2017 the DMO ceased operations. Lennox and Addington County needed to quickly determine how tourism marketing would be managed in 2018, there was now a large service delivery gap. Through strategic discussions with County Council and our Economic Development Advisory Group it was determined that the Lennox and Addington Economic Development Office would lead tourism destination marketing. Our first step was to develop a new brand.

Lennox and Addington contracted the services of 1dea Design and Media Inc. to facilitate a branding exercise. “Naturally L&A” was launched on June 1st. “ Naturally L&A” provides Lennox and Addington with a tourism brand and an overall brand essence of what our community delivers to visitors. In addition, the development of “Unspoiled Moments” as a strong placeholder in all creative, advertising and marketing signifies the unexpected and untouched assets that Lennox and Addington provides to visitors.

The new brand focuses on traveller experiences and highlights natural outdoor things to do. Lennox and Addington offers our visitors an intrinsic benefit of exploration. Whether it be caves, dark sky viewing, museums, or activities both on the water and on land, visitors should seek to explore. Our branding, theming, content, marketing and advertising all stay true to this promise.

Lennox and Addington County has lacked the awareness of being recognized as a “destination” that visitors actively pursue as a place they want to visit. Utilizing the new brand, Lennox and Addington developed a digital marketing campaign for the 2018 tourism season to improve our awareness. This included social media community management, paid social media advertising and blogging / content creation. As of July 30th the new brand and accompanying campaign has been a success. Website traffic has increased by 135% and awareness of Lennox and Addington as a destination is growing.

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