Mount Pearl Sport Tourism Video

Promotional - Video | City of Mount Pearl

The new Sport Tourism video “Come out and Play” was developed to entice more Provincial, Regional, National and perhaps International sporting groups to our fine City. The nearly three minute video showcases a number of the class-A facilities that Mount Pearl has to offer including: three adjoining soccer pitches, state-of-the-art fitness and aquatics facility, double ice surfaces, regulation baseball and softball fields, track and field facility with clubhouse and brand new gymnastics facility.

Purpose of the Project

  • To demonstrate the breadth of Mount Pearl’s sports facilities to attract more and larger scale sporting events to the City.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives

  • The video has garnered attention as the City of Mount Pearl has been approached by the National Television Networks to host national celebrations of sport based out of the City.
  • The City has been able to attract numerous larger scale tournaments since the video has been created.

Challenges and Changes Made

  • Recruiting representatives of the sporting groups and video footage, given the seasonal dynamics of various sports throughout the City, within the season of creating the video; and
  • Finding the correct balance between the recreational and competitive sporting groups.

Target Audience

  • Provincial, Regional and National sport governing bodies for the attraction of bringing larger scale events to the City of Mount Pearl.
  • Other levels of government

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