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Brand Identity / Application | Town of Milton

In 2000, Milton set out on a path of growth unlike any other municipality in Canada. Over the next several years this small-town of 132,066 residents became one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities. Today, Milton is one of the youngest, most educated and diverse communities in Ontario, with more than 132,066 people. Despite this incredible evolution, the Town’s corporate brand had remained relatively unchanged for more than twenty-five years.  Launched in 1990, the previous branding standards and logo for the Corporation had begun to create a number of reproduction issues in today’s digital environment. It also posed distinct challenges for the Economic Development division working to showcase a forward-looking community and to highlight the town’s key value propositions in an increasingly competitive market.

As a result, in 2017 Milton launched a corporate rebranding project. One of the biggest challenges was the time frame and scope of public engagement activities that needed to be completed. The entire process was set to be finalized within six months, and despite the challenges that this tight timeframe presented, this objective was ultimately achieved.

For Milton, developing a new visual identity was about more than a new logo. It was about uniting the corporation under one brand that would better reflect a modern municipality ripe for partnership and investment.   The project needed to re-establish and re-introduce Milton, invite people to think differently and connect the entire community around a shared vision and inspirational story for Milton’s future.

After the initial phases of research and an in-depth community engagement process, Milton selected Scott Thornley + Company to help bring the community’s vision, feedback and brand story to life. Four primary objectives were identified through community engagement activities and used to guide the creation of a new visual identity. Milton’s new brand had to:

1) Speak to the exciting changes taking place in Milton – past and future

2) Inspire optimism

3) Feel authentic and respect the community’s connection to Milton’s natural heritage

4) Resonate with residents and businesses (existing, new and future)

The themes that emerged through the engagement process were the inspiration for Milton’s new colourful, stylized, inclining letter M icon. This shape represents possibility, growth and is a nod to Milton’s natural landscape. The vibrant colours are representative of the young, diverse, forward-looking population that call Milton ‘home’, and the shape of the M design emerged from the placement of two overlapping leaves, inspired by the community’s ties to nature.  Information on the entire branding process and a brief video of the animated logo is available at

Since the initial launch in June 2017, the Economic Development division has worked to consistently translate and creatively apply Milton’s brand story, vibrant logo, departmental wordmark and tagline “A Place of Possibility” across a variety of media, including: Milton’s 2017 Economic Development Annual Report, advertising campaigns, advertorial news stories, website promotions, digital content, and most recently into the development of a promotional video. This content is available at  With the entire corporation united under one brand, Milton is now able to share a consistent message about the bold vision this Town has for the future.

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