Milton Economic Development 2017 Annual Report

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Town of Milton

The 2017 Town of Milton Economic Development Annual Report is an important component of Milton’s economic development marketing collateral, providing a comprehensive overview of key indicators including the Town’s labour force growth, employment land development, strategic initiatives and department metrics. Built on the platform of Milton’s new brand and logo, the Annual Report is a tool to raise awareness of Milton’s evolution as a knowledge-based employment centre, supported by innovative local companies and dynamic new growth areas that play an important role in the Town’s vision for the future. The Annual Report serves as not only a marketing initiative, but also as a communication tool for Town Council. By providing the content and messaging in our Annual Report, we are empowering Milton’s elected officials to leverage the publication to tell our story to their constituents.

The 2017 Annual Report has been extremely effective in allowing the department to be more efficient in how we respond to inquiries, both internally and externally. Staff is able to provide stakeholders a turn-key package with answers to commonly requested information included in the Annual Report, decreasing the need for customized research in responding to individual inquiries. Further, the concise, easy-to-read format of the publication allows the audience to quickly understand Milton’s key messages. Staff has found this format to be effective in creating awareness of Milton’s value proposition.

The Town of Milton developed a new format for the 2017 Annual Report, in order to better communicate key messaging and to align with the Town’s new brand.  The annual publication was also developed in-house for the first time, out of necessity, based on budget restrictions. These factors, combined with internal staffing changes during the publication’s development, created numerous challenges to delivering the project in a timely matter. Despite these challenges, staff was able to successfully complete the publication within Q1 2018.

Target Audience
The 2017 Annual Report has been distributed to stakeholders through both digital and print channels, and will also be leveraged at industry trade shows, events, and client-facing meetings as part of the Economic Development Division’s broader business retention, expansion and attraction program. Specifically, the target audience of the publication includes:

  • Town of Milton Mayor and Council
  • Milton’s business community
  • Prospective investors
  • ICI realtors/brokers
  • Partner agencies and organizations

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