Living in Québec City and its surroundings

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Purpose of project (including anticipated outcomes)
Québec International and Immigrant Québec, in collaboration with the City of Québec and the Secrétariat de la Capitale-Nationale (Government of Québec), have worked together to design a guide for people looking to move to the Québec City area. Developed in several languages, the content is adapted for different cultures and includes details about various communities in the area. The guide is designed to inform and give practical advice while highlighting the Québécois lifestyle, particularly that in the area. This is a first edition for the Québec City area, and joins Immigrant Québec’s collection of guides. It is also an indispensable tool for attracting talent. With an unemployment rate of less than 4%, the Québec City area has a strong need for a simple, concise and precise publication to support its international recruitment efforts and, more importantly, support immigrants in their new lives and careers.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known)
The new Living in Québec City and its surroundings guide is available in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. It’s an indispensable tool for anyone who wishes to move to the area. The format is practical, resembling a flexible travel guide. Printed in CMYK, each section is easily identifiable by its colour. What’s more, the printed and digital versions are both free and available on the Immigrant Québec and Québec International websites. The guide provides key information for working, studying and building a business, as well as preparing for your move. Immigration is rarely a simple process. Immigrants discuss their experience working, studying and settling their family in the area. The guide also features resources and invites new arrivals to meet other immigrants after their move and consult the numerous host organizations that are there to help.

Challenges & Changes made
It was quite the challenge to gather a team, perform research and consultations and gather data in a very short time. However, this project was important because of the need to provide new arrivals with a practical tool with succinct information that meets the needs expressed by our partners and foreign workers. This guide is a result of concerted efforts in terms of information and content. It has received the approval of every economic and integration organization involved in the project. Additionally, a list of employers who are hiring internationally reinforces the section on the need for foreign workers. Some workers also joined the conversation. The City of Québec and neighbouring areas were involved in this important collaborative process, which was initiated by Québec International and Immigrant Québec. The four publications in different languages were enhanced by anecdotes and testimonials from various communities in the area. For example, the Anglophone community in the Québec City and Chaudière-Appalaches regions actively participated in the history and development of these areas. The English version of the guide bears witness to this. The tool therefore reached its objectives while keeping a uniform but tailored style.

Target Audience (demographics)
A city of the future with many attractions, Québec City and the surrounding areas attract immigrants from around the world each year. This is the perfect place for people who are looking for a human-scale city that provides an outstanding quality of life and promising career opportunities. Nature-lovers will also be drawn to explore and set up shop in Charlevoix, Portneuf or Chaudière-Appalaches. This initiative targeted two audiences. The first audience is foreign workers and immigrants. The guide aims to support them during their transition and integration into the Québec City area. The guide is also a reference for new arrivals from other regions of Quebec and from the rest of Canada. That’s why it was critical for our partners to provide information that meets the needs expressed by new arrivals over the years. Throughout the writing process, many integration groups and employers were consulted to validate the content of the guide. A year after its release, it has received more than 2,925 downloads, and a further 6,500 print versions have been distributed. The French and Portuguese editions remain the most popular, with more than 2,680 copies downloaded.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories
In addition to the graphic design, more than 1,300 hours were dedicated to the writing and revision of the text in Québec International and Immigrant Québec’s “Living in Québec City and its surroundings” guide. This is the first edition of the Québec City version, and is part of a series for new arrivals created by Immigrant Québec. It is one of a set of practical guides to support people as they move and start their new life in Québec City. What’s more, all of the guides are free and can be downloaded from the Immigrant Québec website. When the “Living in Québec City and its surroundings” guide was launched in October 2017, the initiative drew a lot of positive media attention, with mentions on television, national radio and social media.

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