Lennox and Addington Kidpreneur Fair

Event | Lennox and Addington County

Lennox and Addington County Economic Development helps grow the economy of our community. We attract new business, help our local businesses succeed and foster entrepreneurship. Today’s economy is very different in rural Ontario, no longer can we fully count on large corporations and manufacturers to create jobs. In Lennox and Addington, our future economic growth will come from entrepreneurs. Our Economic Development Office believes it is never too early for the students of Lennox and Addington to become entrepreneurial. We developed a program / event called L&A County Kidpreneurs with the goal to empower our youth to think in an entrepreneurial way. The program was not necessarily about building a business today, but providing the skills to tackle a limitless future. Here is what we did:

  • We visited grade 6, 7 and 8 classes in six different Lennox and Addington schools and talked to them about entrepreneurship. It was a fun, informative and dynamic presentation by a member of our Economic Development team as well as a local entrepreneur. Over 1200 students participated in the presentations.
  • We organized the first ever Lennox and Addington Kidpreneur Fair. Similar to a Science Fair, students developed their own business idea and presented to their class. Over 200 business ideas were presented and seventy five students were invited to participate in a County wide Kidpreneur Fair. We provided a Teacher Information Package to assist with planning, as well as access to a team member from our office for any questions along the way.

Lennox and Addington Kidpreneurs was a huge hit in our schools. Both the students and teachers were fully engaged and in 2018 it will be rolled out to all 20 schools in Lennox and Addington. We quickly learned that children in this age group have so many great business ideas. Kidpreneur drove home to each of them that you can take those “Big Ideas” and actually do something with it. In many cases we saw children who don’t necessarily get the opportunity to show their talents in a classroom thrive in this entrepreneurial environment. It was very rewarding.

Kidpreneur was not just about the “Big Idea”. Each student needed to demonstrate all aspects of their business. They were required to do market research, determine startup costs, expenses and revenue and develop a marketing plan. As a result, Kidpreneur resulted in a good classroom learning experience and brought out the entrepreneurial spirit in many of the students. Some of the students have started up their business and they are in operation this summer. Our hope is that students have a better understanding that the “sky is the limit” for their future and we hope that we planted the seed for our next generation of Lennox and Addington entrepreneurs.

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