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The Leduc-Nisku EDA website was entirely redesigned in late-2017 in an effort to convey a diverse, vast amount of information, as well as feature new tools for our website viewers. We pride ourselves on providing useful tools, business supports and information for all levels of business and government within our region, which we aimed to showcase with the wealth of information available on our new website. Careful consideration was taken to best integrate such a vast amount of information while retaining user-friendliness and ease of navigation. As a result, the website redesign took several iterations as we tested different layouts and designs for the best mix of easy access, while still providing all the various information required by our diverse userbase, including existing and prospective businesses, governments of the region, and more.

In addition to a variety of information contained in our site, as well as external links, we commissioned the development of new tools to be of use to businesses, current and potential, within our region.

These tools include:

The Property Locator/Site Selector Tool is a directory showcasing commercial and industrial real-estate and leasing vacancies in the region. This interactive tool adds a level of data unavailable at other real estate listings by having overlay options to show area demographics, workforce numbers, consumer expenditures, railway locations, and more, all to assist those using the tool in making timely, easy decisions with as much information as they need available without having to leave the Leduc-Nisku EDA’s website.

The Workforce Development Tool was just launched as this submission is being prepared. It is a one-stop shop for regional job opportunities, with the aim to assist our regional companies in reaching qualified labour, simplifying the hiring or job search process for those within our region.

Running a business is a busy job and doesn’t leave much time to research and keep tabs on opportunities. To provide value to our members, and highlight opportunities they may have missed, we have just launched our Opportunities Database & Business Directory, in which our members can access tailored opportunities curated by our staff for relevance. Opportunities include conferences, events, grant availability, requests for proposal, and more, with the aim of helping businesses in our region thrive. Additionally, registered businesses can access a back-end forum through our Business Directory on the website, which allows them to discuss opportunities, challenges and even potential partnerships and joint efforts with other businesses in the region. This cooperation through our opportunities will also assist us with future projects, including our Industrial Alliance efforts to further cooperation between businesses within the region.

With the launch of these tools, and the redevelopment of the Leduc-Nisku EDA website to include these tools, as well as a wealth of other information, we continue to increase the level of support we provide businesses within our region. We look forward to monitoring usage rates of the tools we have launched and working with stakeholders in our region to continue to spur growth, development, and investment.

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