‘Invest In Perth County’ Advertisement Sheet

Single Publication – less than 4 pages | Perth County

In Perth County, we are cultivating opportunity for business. We work closely with our area municipal partners to attract and retain businesses in our thriving region through several different means – the ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet is one of the many successful ways we do this.

The ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet is both informative and promotional in that it shows several different ways individuals, companies, and industries are prospering in Perth County. It offers an “at a glance” perspective by highlighting key strategic factors that make our region an appealing place for investment. Perth County is a dynamic region in which over 9,000 businesses are thriving, including over 1,000 businesses being welcomed in the last two years. Captivating information like this, found on the ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet, contributes to fostering continued growth in economic development in the area through far-reaching investment attraction.

The target audience of the ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet is any and all potential future investors in North America and beyond. The advertisement acts as an educational resource for investors to learn more about Perth County, and understand the vast opportunity for growth and success that exists in the area. This piece supports the pursuit to ensure Perth County is positioned with a strong foundation for foreign direct investment and assists with the goal to improve capacity to attract foreign investment opportunities as outlined in the Perth County Foreign Direct Investment Strategy. The advertisement sheet also targets business owners and those considering starting or expanding their operations in Perth County. Individuals who want to make the move to rural Ontario value a strong sense of community, seek homeownership, aspire to have a high quality of life, have entrepreneurial spirits, and feel inspired by stunning, natural landscapes. The ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet provides data on how this can all be reached in Perth County, highlighting the high quality of life offered here, and many world-class experiences that aren’t available anywhere else. The distribution of the ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet aligns with our investor target audience – both local and global. This advertisement sheet was extensively distributed to business owners, potential investors, and economic development professionals.

A large feature of this advertisement sheet is the map. This map showcases how well connected Perth County is by roads, rail, water, and air to major Canadian and US markets. Illustrating the easy market access and superior supply chain solutions in Perth County clarifies and emphasizes the ample investment opportunity.

The vivid imagery used in this project shows the diverse labor force and environment that Perth County has to offer. The photographs showcase local skilled workers from the area, varying from a Master Cheesemaker to an Industrial Mechanic Millwright. This diversity aligns with the purpose of our project – attracting global investors to all that Perth County has to offer, and promoting Perth County as a desirable destination to live and work. The advertisement features themes of industrial work, agriculture, and family. All of these elements are so important in Perth County, and were highlighted to ensure this advertisement worked to give investors the right idea of what Perth County is all about in order to influence change for the better of our communities. The advertisement sheet also aligns with and solidifies our brand through the purposeful use of colours, symbols, and logos as outlined in the Perth County branding guidelines. Beyond strengthening the Perth County brand, the ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet also compliments the Perth County Community Profile booklets that provide supplementary information such as key industry sectors, demographics, foreign investment, and more.

Most rural and local municipal economic development departments have limited resources. Because of this, every effort should be made to focus investment attraction activities. The ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet was a major success for investment attraction – both creatively and practically.  We focused on truly expressing the vast opportunity that exists within Perth County and order to produce the best print product possible. The ‘Invest in Perth County’ advertisement sheet was an effective print piece that surpassed all expectations and truly made a positive difference for investment attraction and economic development in Perth County.

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