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The purpose of the Invest Oakville video project was to create a video to market Oakville as an ideal destination for business investment. The video was designed to be used in departmental investment attraction and international business initiatives, as well as for digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the new Invest Oakville website. Several objectives were identified for this project:

  • The video will communicate the town’s unique value proposition through visual story-telling, allowing audiences to understand what it’s like to live and work in Oakville through action-oriented, people focused footage of the community
  • Staff will work in partnership with local businesses, institutions, and organizations to create a video that both engages and accurately reflects the community
  • The video will serve as a foundational piece for ongoing digital marketing campaigns, including creating dynamic content for the Invest Oakville website and social media accounts to engage users and drive brand awareness. The video will also be translated into Mandarin for international business initiatives
  • Due to the scope of this project, an updated video is not something that can be undertaken by the department each year. With this in mind, emphasis will be placed on creating a video with a long shelf life, avoiding elements that would cause the content to expire

Effectiveness in Meeting Objectives
Staff worked with a local video agency to develop a list of Oakville locations and events that would best highlight the quality of life, strong sense of community, world-renowned educational institutions, and innovative businesses that make up the unique character of the town. Staff then partnered with these organizations to shine a spotlight on the creativity and talent driving this innovation in the community.
Once footage was compiled, a narrative was developed to organize visuals around the theme of balance. This narrative focus emerged as a key differentiator for Oakville when speaking to companies about their decision to
locate here. To effectively present this storyline, industry footage was matched with quality of life footage to represent the work-life balance that is experienced in Oakville.
Since launching, the video has been used for several digital marketing initiatives, including a 10-second homepage hero loop on the Invest Oakville website. The video has increased brand awareness and audience engagement through paid and organic campaigns. A sponsored LinkedIn post generated more than 4,600 impressions and an organic Twitter post generated more than 7,700 impressions. Web traffic and social media interaction spiked during video launch, and the YouTube link received more than 1,000 views in the first month.
The video has been translated into Mandarin to be used in international initiatives beginning this summer. To promote a longer shelf life, footage was captured in high quality 4K. The use of talking head testimonials was avoided, and company logos were consolidated into one segment of the video for ease of future updates.

Challenges and Changes Made
The most significant challenge was working to achieve objectives within a modest budget. In order to do this, staff worked with the agency to prioritize and scope the list of filming locations. Staff also took on the role of coordinating schedules, approvals, and assisting with storyline development to save costs where possible.

Target Audience
The target audiences for this video are decision-makers and employers in the professional and financial services; life sciences; and digital media, ICT and film sectors. These targets were identified in an attraction strategy to fill available office space in Oakville. Location, talent, and education footage were selected to appeal to these audiences.

Message to the Community
We have received ample feedback from the community expressing the sense of pride the video instills. Partner groups, including Oakville Tourism and Sheridan College are currently using the video in marketing campaigns. Partner support was instrumental in the creation and promotion of this video.

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