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Purpose of the Project
The INVESTcambridge office is the first point of contact with the business community, and investors. The campaign for INVESTcambridge was focused on providing a more convenient, accessible and engaging experience for the business community designed with a site selector lens that encompasses all elements a site selector, investor or growing business owner would like to see when making an inquiry with a municipality.

The key objective of the City of Cambridge’s new INVESTcambridge website was to significantly enhance and
expand the customer experience and online presence and provide investors with quick reliable information.
INVESTCambridge provides efficiency, convenience, engagement, and accessible access to city economic related services and data that is reliable and informative on all devices including: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. City staff established a website project team which included a cross-departmental working group and completed a 3-month needs assessment which included a stakeholder analysis, website insight analysis and digital communication trends analysis. Oneon-one interviews with Council, management, and the City’s advisory committee members, as well as a community survey were completed. In addition to a strong partnership among internal staff groups, the City also worked closely with multigovernmental groups, local libraries, community organization and neighborhood associations through the content writing process.


Specifics for Digital Marketing
Several tools make gathering data about the City easier: a report builder to generate a custom data report for download; a searchable business directory; and an available sites and buildings listing using real-time MLS data. Staff created content that meets the needs of those looking to build, invest and grow a business in the City in collaboration with the service provider and stakeholder feedback. The content also incorporates web writing best practices using simple language and accessible formatting that is accessible and translates to over 90 different
languages to reach the largest number of investors .

Investors and community members are able to engage with the City through technology and find relevant information quickly and easily in just a few clicks. This reduces the amount of time an investor needs to spend on sourcing information as well as drastically reduces staff time as the information is readily accessible. Previous publications and efforts have become redundant which now allow staff to be more focused on investment attraction efforts vs administrative tasks.

While engaging the community and stakeholders on their wish list was beneficial, it also had its challenges
including an increase in budget and meeting the project deadline. Efficiencies were found by removing lower priority
features and focusing on the primary objectives of the site and maintaining the features that best met those objectives.

Target Audience
The primary target audience for the INVESTcambridge website includes: local business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, site selectors who are looking to locate, relocate or expand.

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