Invest in Alberta Magazine

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) and the Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs)

Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes
Invest in Alberta is the official magazine of Economic Developers Alberta (EDA).
Published annually since 2015, it has become an essential guide to investment and business opportunities in key economic sectors in all regions of the province of Alberta, Canada. EDA works in close collaboration with the Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs.) The nine REDAs in Alberta that represent the diverse economic regions of the province have been significant in supporting the development of the magazine. The purpose is to:

  • showcase new, inventive, original solutions that offer excellent opportunities for investors to see significant returns;
  • create a common tool for all Alberta economic developers to promote their communities and opportunities;
  • strengthen the relationships and partnerships among economic development professionals and communities;
  • include a member directory for EDA;
  • provide Alberta economic developers and communities a tool to use in their individual marketing efforts.

Effectiveness and Meeting Objectives

  • Invest in Alberta contains concise, current and topical information.
  • The magazine format allows room for detailed stories that can create visualization not only of the investment opportunity but also of the context… the community, landscape and business atmosphere that surrounds it
  • EDA members are seeing the benefits as evidenced by renewing their participation each year
  • EDA members are finding new and different ways to utilize the magazine in their ongoing marketing campaigns
  • REDAs offer “local knowledge” that helped create an outline of the key stories to be researched by the journalists
  • REDAs represent networks of communities and encourage EDO participation and awareness of the magazine
  • By uniting with the common purpose of communicating investment opportunities to potential investors, Invest in Alberta has established a strong focus for the province’s economic development community
  • Robust advertising sales demonstrate the magazine is beneficial to helping economic development practitioners reach their short and long term economic development goals

Target Audiences

  • Internal: Alberta economic developers and EDA members
  • External: A powerful and influential audience interested in expansion, relocation and new markets.
    This includes site selection firms, local, national and international federal and provincial government offices, key municipal
    government offices, Alberta chambers of commerce, business owners/managers operating in key industries; entrepreneurs and
    investors around the world

Challenges and Changes made

  • The magazine attracts paid advertising and also provides objective, reliable insight into Alberta’s economy
  • EDA member input in addition to other research helps identify current business trends and investment opportunities
  • Invest in Alberta highlights positive messages and the innovative, creative projects that are occurring in Alberta communities
    while at the same time reflecting reality and maintaining journalistic integrity. Honest, fair and accurate reporting is a cornerstone of its credibility that in turn contributes to its success
  • Print still plays an important role in the overall content marketing mix. The fact that the magazine is distributed in hard copy
    (circulation 13,000) also makes it unique in this world of blogging, social media, web articles which have become traditional
    marketing tools. Hard copies of highly targeted publications such as Invest in Alberta are flourishing because they have become
    a non-traditional way of marketing
  • That said, the magazine is available in digital format on the EDA website, as well as online as a “microsite” at making access to it convenient for an international audience
  • Invest in Alberta serves as an excellent opportunity for its stakeholders to promote what they as communities and businesses are doing to be proactive to foster diversity and growth in the midst of the recent economic downturn. This gives readers and potential investors a sense of control and security in these uncertain times

Innovation and Partnerships

  • EDA spearheads this project
  • EDA staff and Board of Directors, and RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions project manager collaborated closely with the REDAs
  • This served to help engage 37 advertisers (who placed 69 Ads) and support 13 journalists (who wrote 19 stories) and 7 photographers and illustrators. The magazine includes positive input and messages from the Premier of Alberta and the Minister of Economic Development and Trade
  • Invest in Alberta is innovative as an EDA member focused publication. More than 300 economic development professionals have been called upon to provide much of the content for this investment magazine; they enthusiastically respond, seeing the value in showcasing the work they are doing that makes economic diversity and prosperity a reality

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