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In Fall 2017, Economic Development Lethbridge brought an Ignite™ event to the Lethbridge stage for the first time. Since Ignite started more than 10 years ago, it has become an international phenomenon with Ignite events produced in more than 350 locations around the world. Ignite talks are quick presentations intended to challenge the presenter and inspire the audience. Presenters get 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes.

At Economic Development Lethbridge, we believe that by sharing new ideas and challenging the status quo, we can build a bright future together. Ignite’s mission is ‘Everyone Speaks’. Ignite believes that public speaking builds confidence in individuals and that events like Ignite build community. It is this fundamental alignment that led us towards hosting IgniteYQL 2017.

In general, Lethbridge has a robust calendar of business and networking events throughout the year, however, the majority are somewhat similar in structure and attendee composition. By taking a dynamic and fresh approach to information sharing through the Ignite framework, we were able to engage with a broader range of the community both on a participant and attendee level. The fast-paced, dynamic nature of the Ignite format also resulted in powerful message sharing by our presenters and sparked intriguing conversation at the networking event.

Goal 1: Provide an opportunity for a diverse group of community members to deliver a passion pitch that inspires others. This was apparent in the age diversity of our speakers (34 – 60) as well as topics touching on cultural identity, isolation, being a newcomer to the community and the importance and impact of art. This helped our organization expand its reach and connection to the community. (view the presenters, topics and videos here)
Goal 2: Demonstrate EDL’s commitment to uncovering and sharing the bright, brilliant ideas of the future. By bringing an Ignite event to Lethbridge for the first time, EDL demonstrated its commitment towards looking for new and innovative avenues to both share ideas and inspire conversation. With the theme of Building a Bright Community we intentionally kept the topic broad to encourage diversity in thinking and interpretation which was evident in the messages shared. Topics showcased diverse community attributes and opportunities and also encouraged others to think about the experience of living in Lethbridge in a new way.
Goal 3: Connect Lethbridge to a global stage. By making quality video and editing a priority, we were able to share the Lethbridge voice with a larger audience through our website, social media engagement and the Ignite video library.

The minimal ($2,800) cost to the organization was money well spent in terms of meeting the objectives and realizing an effective return on investment in terms of the cost per reach generated through in-person exposure and digital impressions. When considering the total number of event attendees and people reached through organic impressions (Twitter), boosted posts (Facebook), views (YouTube) and webpage views (12,622), the cost per impressions sits at 22 cents. This does not include the additional reach garnered through traditional media and other media outlets.

Attendees and participants at the event commented on the breadth of ideas in the room and ultimately in the community. In fact, during the networking reception, we were asked when the next Ignite YQL was taking place! Speakers commented on this being one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences they had had as presenters. Event attendees shared their appreciation for the pace as well as the diversity in messages.

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