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Purpose of the Project
To stimulate additional foreign direct investment in Strathcona County and to increase diversification in the petrochemical industry, by encouraging investment in the following areas: plastics, bio-chemicals, professional, scientific, technical services, and logistics.

Strathcona County commissioned a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy & Implementation Plan – which would serve as a road-map for expanding and diversifying the existing petrochemical industry into a world-scale energy cluster.

A special printed publication was developed by ICIS (as well as a corresponding microsite). ICIS met with local industry and the Strathcona County municipality to gain valuable insight, receive editorial content, and to video key business members in the community. The website and printed piece both serve new business attraction by extolling the benefits to industry of locating in Strathcona County, which will in turn, encourage job creation and tax base expansion – improving the overall quality of life.

Document can be viewed here.

This print publication was distributed globally at EPCA – Berlin (European Petrochemical Association) and GPCA – Dubai (Gulf Petrochemical Association). The supplement was also published online by ICIS, the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider. This channel provided a competitive advantage through its specific reach.

A contributing outcome has been with the Inter Pipeline announcement of a new $4.1 billion dollar project located in Strathcona County which will convert locally sourced, low-cost propane into 525,000 tonnes per year of  polypropylene, a high value, easy to transport plastic used in manufacturing of a wide range of finished products. This project is the largest “organic growth” project in Inter Pipeline history and will create direct and indirect jobs of 13,000 and significantly increase the tax base in the region. This is the first project of its kind in Canada.

Challenges and changes made: There were no obstacles or barriers encountered. There was constant communication between municipal staff, councilors, mayor, provincial and federal governments, as well as industry associations.

Target Audience

  • Petrochemical industry leaders
  • Foreign investors

With a focus on the following: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Germany.

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