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Purpose of the project
Data which was currently located within the Strathcona County website was usually hard to find/manage, did not exist, or was out of date or not easy to understand. There is a need to consolidate and simplify for all users in order to improve our competitive readiness.
A developed specialized toolset with an outside data specialist, LocalIntel, provided an easy to understand graphical interface where accurate data is found in one location – helping to make this region competitive ready for investors and businesses – using OpenData and artificial intelligence in content design and applications. Harnessing big data helps market this community by promoting our unique strengths, share  market intelligence and support local business growth.

It helps with providing business decisions in the following ways:
• Speed of gathering accurate information
• Ease of getting information
• Tool may provide information on evolving trends which effect business (open or expansion here)
• To be competitive ready

Implementing this project supports many of Strathcona County’s Strategic Plan goals: attracting business investment that contributes to the long-term financial sustainability of the municipality; advance the community’s interests by developing and maintaining strong relationships with our neighbouring municipalities and civic organizations to ensure long-term prosperity; promote Strathcona County locally, nationally and internationally as a place that is open for business and investment.

Support is also given to our corporate business plan goals of: Strathcona County has planned for longterm financial sustainability in support of service delivery and infrastructure asset management; economic opportunities are created through strategic partnerships; informed decision making supports quality of life in the community.

Initial reporting of analytical data from December 2017 to April 2018: 300 visits, 2,400 actions, visitors mostly from Canada and the USA, top industry searches being retail, manufacturing and chemical.

Challenges and changes made
There were barriers encountered internally with the use of an external microsite and how the Strathcona brand would be utilized, how analytics would be affected, where data was coming from, and it’s accuracy. Working through these hurdles delayed this project by six months. Overcoming the barriers involved several meetings with department leaders, communicators, web developers – working together to make it work for all.

Target audience
• Local and prospective business owners / entrepreneurs / employees / residents (current and future)
• Investors
• Realtors
• Developers

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