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Brand Identity / Application | Niagara Region - Economic Development

Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project is to position Niagara, Canada as an excellent location in which to invest, live, study, and work. The overall messaging has been broken into two distinct categories: business attraction (Know It) and resident attraction (Your Home | Your Future).

Marketing Objectives

  • Develop a new Economic Development website and Immigration Portal
  • Create awareness of Niagara Canada and promote the Immigration Portal as a tool for immigrants
  • Drive target audiences to websites
  • Engage with target audiences

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective
The new branding is getting fantastic feedback and early website analytics are showing significant improvements to visitor behavior and social media engagement. Several leads have already been capitalized upon that are directly associated with the new marketing strategies.

Challenges & Changes Made
Coordinating the development of a new regional brand that has buy-in and support from more than 50 stakeholders from 12 communities meant holding many stakeholder engagement meetings and consistent electronic collaboration. This resulted in a well-supported brand that has instant world recognition, accompanied by a tag line that connects people to the place.

Target Audiences 

Resident Attraction
Your Home | Your Future

  • Prospective Niagara residents *
  • Prospective Niagara immigrants *

* Educated and highly employable individuals, aged 25-45, currently residing in the GTA and abroad.

Business Attraction
Know It

  • Commercial realtors and site selectors
  • Investment decisions makers
    • Manufacturing (Make It)
    • Agriculture (Grow It)
    • Transportation and Logistics (Move It)
    • Tourism (Build It)
  • Trade commissioners in Ontario and abroad

The main logo leverages the ‘I’ in the word Niagara as a brand identifier and also graphically alludes to The Falls within the letter “I” as a major global identifier. This establishes the opportunity to extend the “I” in Niagara as a graphic element/treatment for statement based positioning throughout all products and sectors – Build it, Make it, Grow it, Move it, Save it, Live it, Create it, Bring it, Know It, Innovation, Immigration, etc.


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