Your Heart Will Never Leave

Advertising Campaign | Town of Goderich

Purpose of the Project
The previous Goderich ad campaigns had been reused over a course of years and had grown stale.  By adopting a consistent theme for the ad creative, it was possible to recreate the ad with differentiating focus across all channels to focus on varied demographics.  The ad was adopted for tourism marketing as well as investment and resident attraction ads, altering the message for the specific audience but maintaining consistency in design and via the tagline.  The goal was to be able to see beyond “visiting” Goderich and to see is as a viable place to work, live and play throughout the campaign, regardless of the placement.  Ads were primarily print and digital and included an occasion of outdoor advertising.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
Response to the campaign has been overwhelming positive, garnering feedback from local stakeholders as well as visitors and new residents from all over Ontario.  Further response in anticipated beyond 2018 with greater term impacts.

Challenges & Changes made
Timing was a challenge as the campaign concept was developed well into early 2018 and it was produced and delivered on fairly short deadlines.

Target Audience
Depending on the vehicle the target audience varied across channels to include investors, entrepreneurs, new residents aged 35-55, visitors of all ages.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories
Future planning will continue to utilize the concept with innovations to the messaging as required to appeal quite specifically to the publication/digital readers.

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