Video: Hanlon Creek Business Park Phase One

Promotional - Video | City of Guelph

Purpose of Project
The Hanlon Creek Business Park – Phase One sales video was developed to attract businesses both local and international to locate in the City-owned business park. We collaborated with the current tenants of the business park for this project to build excitement for the parks development as well as showcasing the current success stories of the existing businesses.The video showcases Guelph’s strengths, current tenants of the park, accolades Guelph has earned, and the lots that are available for immediate development.


  • Display that Guelph is a great place to do business
  • Promote the available lots in the business park
  • Promote the park’s current tenants
  • Promote the ideal location that the Hanlon Creek Business Park has to offer (located right off Highway 401, transportation linkages, centre of the Ontario Innovation Corridor, etc.)

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The impact of this video has been very positive since launching. On Facebook alone, this video has received more than 30,000 views. The video has also received an additional 85+ views on YouTube. Beyond the views that the video has received, there have also been other benefits which include:

  • Nineteen open inquiries that we’ve received as a result of the video
  • Additional exposure of the City-owned lands that have resulted in additional sales
  • Other business park tenants that want to collaborate on promotional pieces in the future
  • This video has received nothing but positive feedback and has become a key tool in our repertoire when trying to attract potential investors to Guelph.

Challenges and Changes Made
The obstacles that we had to overcome were:

  1. Arranging an acceptable time for drone videography that all tenants were pleased with – We overcame this by providing information on the video to all tenants right at the beginning of the process so they were comfortable with the project. By being transparent with the tenants, they were much more receptive and keen to be a part of this project.
  2. Meeting everyone’s goals – We overcame this by bringing all of the key stakeholders into the conversation to find out what they wanted to achieve through this video. Realizing we can’t meet everyone’s list of goals within a short video, we then prioritized to find out their most important goals. By going through this process in person, everyone worked together much better and were very pleased with the end result.
  3. Recording footage in good weather to help maximize the appeal of the video – We overcame this by working with a professional and patient videographer. They ran a few shoots to ensure the perfect lighting was captured.

Target Audience
The audience for this project is potential investors (local and international) and site selectors as a way to entice them to consider Guelph as a location for their next business investment. To date, the video has garnered significant  international exposure where our analytics have highlighted viewership from foreign markets such as: United States, India, Ireland and the Philippines, among others.

Specifics as Detailed in Award Category
The Hanlon Creek Business Park – Phase One Sales Video is worthy of an award because it is an effective video that has already garnered interest from potential investors and will only continue to do so in the future. This has been a key tool for promoting the business park as a place to locate businesses. This video gives viewers a birds-eye view of the business park from their own home without ever stepping foot in Guelph. With the inquiries that we’ve already received as well as the future dividends that this video will pay, it is a winner in our books already.

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