Georgina Field to Table Event Brochure

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Celebrating Agriculture in Georgina
With 2018 marking the 200th anniversary of the Town of Georgina, it was decided that this year would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new event to the community. With farming and agriculture being a distinct characteristic of Georgina for the past 200 years, we wanted to organize an event that would emphasize the compelling rural agriculture landscape of Georgina. Therefore, The Town of Georgina decided to host the first ever Field to Table Event. The event will involve multiple tourist-ready farms in the area opening their doors to the public for a day of tours, samples and other educationally enriching activities for the public. The intention of the event is to bring residents and tourists together to learn about the importance of sustainable farming and where their food comes from. From the fields, all the way to their dinner tables! Furthermore, this event provides a fantastic economic opportunity to promote local businesses by bringing residents and tourists into our farms. Based on the recent York Region Agriculture and Agri-Food Strategy “A vision for a thriving agricultural community includes field-to-table initiatives”.

Our Tri-Fold Brochure
Following a brief “save the date poster”, we created a more comprehensive marketing piece; a tri-fold brochure. The purpose of the brochure is to provide those interested with a detailed outline of the event as well as introduce a “passport” system to further incentivize the public to come out and enjoy the day. The “back side” of the brochure includes a map of Georgina that highlights the locations of each participating farm and a brief description of what experience will be provided at each location. The “front side” of the brochure consists of a title page with the essential details, a contact section, and a page dedicated to the passport system that explains how it works, and leaves room for the participants to collect their stickers from each farm location.

Challenges & Target Market
With this event being the first of its kind in Georgina, gauging a target demographic was the main challenge faced in generating marketing material. In order to combat this challenge, we thought about where we would find people who value fresh, local and homegrown food. This led us to the Georgina Farmers’ Market! By attending multiple markets and analyzing the nature of visitors who were attending, we came to the consensus that although they varied in age and gender, the majority of attendees came as a family. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to create our promotional brochure in a way that emphasized the event as being family-friendly and focused on fresh local goods; much like the Georgina Farmers’ Market. The use of images, colors and an animated map on top of the written components, ensured that our brochure was not only informative for adults, but fun and appealing for children as well.

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