Flagstaff Region Tourism and Lifestyle Campaign

Advertising Campaign | Flagstaff County

Purpose of project
The Flagstaff Region is a rural “Community of Communities” and has a population of 8,361, which is inclusive of eight towns and villages. We are aware of our aging population and its limited growth based on our 2016 census data. As a result, we worked to develop an advertising campaign to bring tourism to the forefront in our region. The intent was to encourage people to spend in the region and have an opportunity to showcase our uniqueness to attract working aged families. We dug deep with our campaign and created something that not only creates income and generates jobs but also has a social impact highlighting exactly why you would want to live in or “take a moment” in a remote rural community. The campaign uses two main tools to accomplish this task: it focuses in on people to play toward human emotion and consistently uses the tagline “Take a Moment”. The tagline encourages people to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy true peacefulness in the Flagstaff Region. It was an extensive advertising campaign that included social media, search engine optimization and billboards towards a targeted audience within a 200-km radius (approximately 2 hours of driving time) of the Flagstaff Region.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
Facebook and Instagram campaign ads were created with both static images and videos, and as data was collected, it allowed us to remarket content to help re-engage users. During the campaign, people saw the ad roughly 3.16 times, and as a result, almost 2,000 people per month clicked on the ad at a low cost of $0.84 per-click. Search engine optimization was accomplished by installing a Google analytics tracking code onto our tourism microsite, and out of 4,904 sessions, over half were coming from paid sources, indicating that this digital advertising was driving over 50% of the traffic. Search ads were used to get users to click into the website, and they produced 1,030 clicks per month at an average cost of $0.74 per click. Users were shown ads when fishing, camping, and travel were keywords in their search inquiries.

Our ad position was 1.9, which means our ads were most often within the top two results, with our main competitor being Trip Advisor. Our most notable accomplishment is that we outranked Trip Advisor 50.49% of the time! Additionally, we used Google display ads as a branding tool to get users to see the ads as many times as possible – and they were shown 514,374 times! Our last digital tool was Google video ads which were seen 142,368 times at an average cost of $0.05 per view with 50.11% of videos being watched to completion.

The last component was static billboard ads place strategically around Edmonton. These are far more difficult to measure the effectiveness on, however we received several emails and comments on the static ads through-out the duration of the campaign.

Our biggest challenge was selecting the best pictures to put forth to showcase exactly what we wanted the Flagstaff Region to portray. We met this head on by doing polls and getting as many opinions as possible before selecting our final choices.

Our target audience
Our target demographic is Male/Females (both with and without children) between the ages of 25-50. Additionally, the campaign targeted urban centers that are under 200kms from our region, with the intent of increasing the numbers of urban neighbors who escape the city noise and relax in Flagstaff.

All digital files can be used as necessary. All the photo and video footage is taken in the Flagstaff Region (not stock) and can be used in other materials or throughout the years if branding changes.

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