Flagstaff Region Investment Guide

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Flagstaff County

Purpose of Project
The purpose of our Investment Guide is to provide prospective investors/stakeholders with an overview of our key industries and competitive advantages. The guide is a comprehensive view of investment information in the Flagstaff Region. Specific sector profiles are also an integrated part of our investment guide. We identified 4 key industries and created a summary sheet to be inserted into the guide when we know they are relevant. Key sectors, strengths and opportunities were determined through a competitive assessment of the Flagstaff Region. The set-up of the investment guide is a unique way to make sure potential investors are getting information tailored to their needs.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
It is a folder style document that allows us to add and adjust according to what the specific stakeholder needs, ensuring it is effective, efficient and minimizes irrelevant content. There is a print version as well as an online version. These factors have made the investment guide very user friendly, accessible and effective. Our Investment Guides are new tools, so we haven’t had many opportunities to distribute…yet! We are looking forward to its usability in the future, as our agriculture sector investment guide is in line with BRAED’s Value Added Agriculture Project and we hope to utilize the guide to assist with attracting value-added agriculture to the BRAED region. The investment guide is also branded with the Flagstaff Region branding, making it useful to any of the municipalities within the Flagstaff Region.

Challenges & Changes Made
When we first set out to create an investment guide we didn’t have accurate, up to date stats. To combat this, we worked with Townfolio to have those resources at our fingertips for both the investment guide creation and future requirements.

Our target audience

All potential and current stakeholders/investors in our identified four key industries: Agriculture, Agricultural Processing, Oil and Gas, and Tourism.

Any details regarding the sustainability of your project

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