Flagstaff Region Internal Pride Building

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Purpose of Project
The Flagstaff Region is a rural “Community of Communities” and has a population of 8,361, which is inclusive of eight towns and villages. The Flagstaff Region launched a new logo and brand in 2016 to encourage residents to think and act regionally. The purpose of this campaign was to build community pride around the new branding, build brand awareness and garner support from the citizens on a regional outlook. Our communities are heavily rooted in their love for their recreational facilities, mainly arenas, which are a hub of activity. We wanted to put something in the arenas the would be sustainable for years to come, which is why our Flagstaff Region arena boxes were created. Lastly, we reached out to high schools across the region to engage local students to build the boxes through their wood and carpentry courses. This fostered community engagement with our younger residents and added another level of community pride to the project.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
We measured our effectiveness by the engagement we received from the communities. The arena boards were excited about their additions and they all made sure a representative was there to receive each box and to thank us. Additionally, all students involved making the boxes, as well as several of their family members, now follow us on social media and actively engage with our posts. The Instagram post specific to the project performed 65% better than our average posts.

Challenges & Changes Made
Our original thought was to advertise on the ice or boards at the 5 arenas, but due to our limited budget, it was not feasible. We instead came up with doing locally hand crafted wooden boxes to house different promotional items that people can share and appreciate for years to come. Currently we have seat cushions for the bleachers in them but future ideas include regional branded blankets, mini sticks and pucks, or noise makers. The project incorporated as many of our strategic plan priorities as possible, even though it is  “just a box”. All materials used to make the boxes were bought locally from Flagstaff Region vendors. The box design came from a local shop teacher, and we were then able to engage local students to bring their teachers design to life. Also, the business who created the logoed plate worked with us on some innovative solutions to fit our budget, thus developing a new idea to service future customers. The fact that several residents had a hand in creating the box contributed to the internal pride building, as each one of them was proud of their contribution and shared the project with their friends and families in several different ways.

Our target Audience
In 2018, The Flagstaff Region also launched a Tourism and Lifestyle advertising campaign, with the intent of attracting working-aged families to our region to visit and/or live. To compliment this campaign, we targeted this internal pride building campaign for the same demographics of our existing residents (Male/Females/Children aged 5-50).

The boxes are made of wood so that they can be easily repaired if broken and should last through-out the years to come.

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