Video: Film Durham Promotional

Promotional - Video | The Regional Municipality of Durham

Purpose of the project
The Film Durham Promotional Video provides a video-reel of Durham Region to showcase the locations, talent, resources and filmmaking industry to film production companies. The project also highlights film tourism spots to our local residents; films and shows being shot right in their backyard. By showcasing the environment, roads, and buildings both old and new, the film promotes a vibrant and welcoming quality of life in Durham Region.

In response to the growing need for diverse settings outside Toronto, this video’s intent is to spotlight the region’s unique assets and provides location managers with ideal sites for filming. It also shows the proximity to Toronto, a premier film destination, and how Durham offers the potential to bring a wide range of film and television production here. The objective of the video addressed: 1) Canada’s/Ontario’s booming film industry; 2) Durham’s diverse geography and variety of locations; 3) Popular films and TV series regularly shot in Durham; 4) Local film talent in Durham; 5) Durham’s ongoing reputation as a top-quality and reliable jurisdiction; and 6) Engaging the local audience and film tourism. The low Canadian dollar has also boosted foreign interest in filming in Canada. The Region’s many attributes, combined with a solid film sector strategy presents a unique opportunity for Durham to become a major player in the film industry and generate significant financial impact in our local economy.

Effectiveness/meeting objectives
Durham Region received the photos and video b-roll that can be used for making other videos and marketing material thus ensuring longevity of the content. In addition, the images and video will be used in Central Counties Tourism web/social media content and by the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation which is also cost-effective for them. The Region can further leverage the funds with other partners such as local BIAs or municipalities.

Durham Region residents may not realize how famous their local municipalities are. By associating these locations to popular films and TV shows, it increases the public’s perceived value of an area based on its cultural relevance. The more corners of Durham made popular by mainstream media, the more people will want to be around these areas. Filmmaking is about having people feel a certain way, and through powerful music and recognizable landmarks, we can show the public the versatility and beauty of their communities.

Challenges and Changes Made
As the project was proposed in December 2017 with a short deadline of March 2018, the time to film and produce the finished product was limited. The film team was faced with the challenge of finding creative ways to showcase a vibrant, innovative and collaborative Durham Region, during the cold and grey winter months. The strict filming deadline also meant co-ordinating interviews that accommodated the all parties’ job schedules, including the film team, production crew, location services, and interviewees. A local videographer was contracted to complete this project and due to his expert knowledge, creativity and experience with creating similar videos, the project moved along quickly with few edits. To overcome the lack of opportunities to shoot in various seasons, a number of photos and video clips were selected from the media library. The Economic Development Officer has quite a few contacts in the film industry, so the task of setting up interviews was facilitated in a timely fashion since there were a number of film professionals to choose when trying to find people that were available.

Target Audience
The video will be used to promote Durham Region to film industry stakeholders including location managers, directors and producers, and to attract film tourism. It will be shown at a variety of venues and events to market, enhance and grow film production in Durham. The video is available online at, and and through a number of social media channels. A link has been provided through economic development, tourism and corporate newsletters as well as in Central Counties Tourism website and social media campaigns. The video will be used in the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and Ontario Media Development Corporation marketing campaigns.

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