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Purpose of Project

Travel Manitoba’s blog at www.exploremb.ca is the main content creation channel to inspire visitation, educate visitors and raise awareness of what the province has to offer. The blog is centered around stories that are designed to inspire excitement in the experiences of Manitoba, stories that takes future travellers across a seamless content journey of discovery to ultimately get them to book their next trip to Manitoba. Our team also tries to go and experience first-hand, all the things we write about so as to provide the most authentic story.

The blog also offers an opportunity for our tourism partners to join us in telling their stories through sponsored content. A Travel Manitoba blogger will go to the partner’s attraction or event and tell a first-hand story of the experience as part of our live influencer campaign.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives

A focus on generating new content (a minimum of two stories a week) ensure we can tell different stories to different audiences. The sheer volume of new content – 192 – blog posts in 2017 allow us to tell those specific stories in a variety of ways – listicle, first-person accounts, custom infographics, photo essays, etc. And while Travel Manitoba, as a destination marketing organization, does not sell an actual product, our mandate is to inspire travelers to learn more and ultimately choose Manitoba as their destination. Our tangible results show: 1,298,294 total page views; 608,286 unique page views; and 386,452 users in 2017.

Challenges & Changes made

In 2017, we completed 19 live influencer blog posts for partners, generating a total of $15,000 to contribute to Travel Manitoba’s partnership revenues. Keeping the cost affordable ensures this opportunity is accessible to all tourism partners, an important factor to consider as we work towards our goal of providing relevant and specific stories to different audiences. From a weekend stay in the small southern Manitoba city of Morden, to a bucket list trip to kayak with beluga whales in remote Churchill, these live influencer stories helped to tell these stories.

Target Audience

Our audience is three-fold and any piece of content is designed to be tailored to that audience:

  • Our local Manitoba audience—hyper local stories that inspire people to move around their province and show them the things they didn’t even know existed.
  • Our drive-to market—stories that focus on Winnipeg and its urban lifestyle as well as the beauty of our untouched wilderness in the southern part of the province.
  • Our international market—stories that focus on ‘bucket list’ travel to entice people from around the world to see our natural wonders like polar bears, beluga whales and the northern lights.

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