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In a world of digital messages and online promotion, the City of North Bay’s Economic Development Department recognized the need for a balance between “going green” and giving readers something to hold and cherish. As part of a recent collateral refresh, our team decided to bring back a classic – the conventional “table top” brochure.

Designed as a highly visual booklet that works as a stand-alone piece or as part of a larger print promotional package, the “table top” brochure captures the essence of the community in eleven short passages. Its messaging is clear, culminating in a welcoming statement on the back cover, that reinforces North Bay’s tie to the natural environment and passion for community and welcoming new comers.

Measuring 10 x 7 ¾”, the matt black booklet cover stands apart from other papers and folders on desks. Its contents represent a snapshot of what the community has to offer. In a fast pace digital world, the booklet gives its reader a chance to hold and leisurely visit, and re-visit, beautiful photographs of our community. Ultimately, the piece will help increase awareness of the community and generate interest.

Target Audience & Effectiveness
The “table top” booklet was designed as part of a larger collateral refresh. It pairs with a portfolio cover and various other publications such as Community Profile, Welcome Guide and industry specific brochures, but can also serve as a standalone piece.

Our team was looking for a fresh, new way to capture the essence of the City in a classic, timeless visual piece. As part of our creative process, we spoke with countless residents, visitors and investors about what types of marketing information resonates with them. Overwhelmingly, the responses came down to clear, simple and relatable messages with strong visuals. Our team kept this in mind as we designed a cover that focusses on the City’s name rather than the traditional arches of the “Gateway to the North” logo. This is the first time this approach has been taken with North Bay marketing material so we took our time in developing a modern look that stayed true to the City’s established brand. We wanted the cover to entice the reader to look inside, while ensuring a clean classic feel that encourages people to display the booklet on their table tops for others to see and experience.

Given our collateral refresh currently underway, this piece has not yet been officially launched. Just recently seen by prospective investors and visiting International Trade Development Representatives (ITDR), once the family of materials is complete, copies of the table top will be distributed to City Council and throughout the community to partners, local champions and beyond to former North Bay residents (ex-pats). Our team recognizes that a significant source of lead generation, approximately 35% locally, comes from referrals. This publication provides local champions with a piece that they can display and share as they encourage friends, relatives, suppliers and industry colleagues to consider North Bay. We maintain a strong relationship with our post-secondary alumni, industry associations and military community that will aid in targeted distribution.

Also available online, our team recognizes the need to balance traditional mediums with green alternatives that more easily allow for monitoring the number of views and evaluating reach. Whether a resident (present/past) or visitor, we hope this booklet serves as a reminder of our community’s assets and encourages sharing of the North Bay experience.

For those that receive a hard copy, we encourage you to take a few minutes to enjoy the North Bay scenery. Hang onto the booklet, share it or place it on your table top as a reminder of your affinity to North Bay.

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