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Purpose of Project
The enewsletter is utilized to consistently inform and engage economic development stakeholders and to ensure Stony Plain remains top of mind. Email marketing continues to provide the Town with a direct and professional form of communication with our clients and business contacts. The monthly enewsletter offers fresh content about Stony Plain and includes business community news, marketing and promotional features that can be shared and celebrated, real estate market data, updated community statistics, and upcoming business events.

Effectiveness/ Meeting Objectives
The Town utilizes an enewsletter program to design, distribute and track results and contacts. The enewsletter was
established in 2014 and has grown from 500 contacts to just under 1300 contacts. The average open rate in first half of 2018 is 39.6% and 28% for click through rate, which we have tracked to be a strong level of engagement. The industrial and commercial properties and the available bids, proposals & tenders sections of the enewsletter is one of the most popular with viewers clicking through to the website database. This allows us to track businesses and investors with potential to expand and grow within the community. Month over month new businesses that establish in the community are also added to the distribution list creating a larger and more diverse audience.

Target Audience
The enewsletter audience is primarily local business owners. Additionally, the contact list includes members of our real estate community, developers and key investor contacts that have demonstrated an interest in monitoring the
community. The enewsletter is open to anyone to subscribe and unsubscribe to at any time. We also utilize social media to share the publication to draw in new contacts and enhance the value of the marketing piece.

Challenges and Changes Made
The challenge of maintaining an effective enewsletter is creating content that is relevant, concise and stimulating each month. The economic development team work towards creating diverse and visually appealing publications. We draw content directly from our business community and have had the design and layout reviewed occasionally by external professionals for feedback and improvements.

Award Category Details
URL links have been provided with the submission for a couple of our recent publications to showcase the variety of
content that is shared monthly.

The enewsletter is focused towards keeping the business community up-to-date on relevant news happening throughout the Town. The content is also linked to our choosestonyplain.com website to provide a more in depth resource. The format is fully electronic with no paper copy distribution.

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