Elgin County Lakeshore Brochure

Single Publication – less than 4 pages | County of Elgin

Purpose of Project
The Elgin County Lakeshore Brochure is a colourful brochure designed to promote visitation to Elgin County’s 4 port villages and the businesses located within these villages. One side includes an attractive and easy to read map of Elgin County. This map includes a list of beaches, marinas, boat launches, provincial parks, and conservation areas. The other side includes a variety of information that will make a visitor’s trip to the Elgin County Lakeshore
more enjoyable. Tips on how to shoot the perfect sunset photo, tips on boating safety, fishing and dog friendly locations are included. This project had two main goals. The first was to design an attractive and informative tourism brochure that brought together Elgin’s 4 port side villages, 120km of shoreline and the businesses located in these villages as a distinct cohesive tourism destination product. The second goal of this project was to use this brochure to market this product to visitors who would frequent these port side villages spending their money at local
businesses and increasing the economic viability of the region.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
This brochure was launched in February of 2018. 2,500 copies were printed, many of which have already been distributed at tourism related trade shows and conferences across Ontario. The brochures are also available at businesses in Elgin County particularly those located along the Lakeshore. Elgin has received positive feedback from visitors who are excited to use this map while visiting the Elgin County Lakeshore this summer.

Challenges & Changes Made
Elgin County is geographically large with a Lakeshore that spans 120 kilometres. It has previously been challenging to bring together attractions on the two ends of the county as a cohesive tourism product. The Elgin County Lakeshore brochure was a way in which the similarities of these port villages could be brought together to create a singular tourism product, thus creating a stronger tourism cluster.

Target Audience
The target audience of this brochure is two-fold – Millennials (ages 22-36) with young families and Baby Boomers (55-70) who are interested in active travel and waterfront activities. Millennials are now the largest population demographic in the workforce. They prioritize experiences over things and are eager to share these experiences with their young children. Beach vacations in Ontario are affordable and accessible to young families. The tips for taking
the perfect sunset selfie on the back of the brochure specifically target this demographic who want to share the experiences they have with their friends and family online. Baby Boomers most of whom are retired, have time and disposable income to spend in Elgin. As they age they are healthier and more active than ever before. They make the most of their retirement years and are happy to spend time on outdoor activities including waterfront sports such as boating, jet skiing, stand-up paddle boarding and fishing.

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