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Purpose of the Project
It was the purpose of this project to use video as a way to inspire a new sense of optimism and pride about Prince Albert and specifically downtown to showcase it as a unique asset and destination for the community. The goal was to create a positive connection between our local residents and the diverse people and places in our Downtown core and leave them with the feeling that they should come out and experience it for themselves.

To create an emotional connection, we avoided using an administrative voiceover and instead used dancing, music and local people to showcase not just the physical spaces, but the people experiencing them as well. The video was filmed in 16 different downtown locations, both indoors and outdoors, featuring private businesses and publicly owned spaces. There were also dozens of Prince Albert artists and residents engaged to provide the foundation of the video including a new song “Locals” written and performed for this project by Prince Albert’s LJ Tyson. The result was an energetic and visually appealing video that made an emotional connection, rather than a strictly informational one.

The project team felt that the project objectives were achieved. Following the launch of the video, feedback received was overwhelmingly supportive with positive feedback forwarded to the project team and the singer/songwriter in person, on social media and through email. It was clear the video made a positive and inspiring impact in the community.

  • A video launch party was held on September 15 for the media, downtown business and cultural community with a live performance from the artist
  • The video was posted to Facebook with a record number of organic views for the City’s page at 18,935 views and 761 shares
  • A condensed version was played at the Cineplex theatre to an audience of 18,000 local people in the month of December
  • Local facilities have also been approached to play it at the local library before movie days, the local performing arts centre before productions and before WHL Hockey games
  • The video was nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music Video of the Year Award giving it additional exposure to a provincial audience.

Challenges and Changes Made
We had a very enthusiastic and committed project team which allowed for a lot of adaptability as issues arose which was essential given the number of people and places involved in the production. At the outset we worked on identifying a strong purpose and vision for the video which served us well throughout the process. The video that was produced was exactly as was envisioned in the creative brief.

Target Audience
The purpose of the video was to inspire optimism and pride to overcome negative perceptions held by local residents. With this in mind, the primary target audience was local residents followed by visitors

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