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Single Advertisement | Town of Gananoque

Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project was to build on the growing culinary tourism sector and provide a cohesive dining guide that advertised all the diverse restaurants and culinary experiences available in Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands. The region represents around 15,000 people and welcomes over 500,000 visitors annually. There are over 60 extraordinary cuisine options from elegant fine dining to modern twists on traditional and casual dining. Each chef is blessed with an abundance of local fare including outstanding locally brewed beer.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The publication is available electronically on the tourism website www.travel1000islands.ca and as printed material. The printed version is available at the Visitor Centre, accommodations and restaurants. The average stay in Gananoque is 2.2 nights and the culinary experience is an important aspect of the visitor experience. The document advertises all the restaurants and serves to grow the culinary sector in addition to supporting business retention and expansion. The document has been successful such that some of the restaurants have reported an increase in numbers. Further, over 5000 dining guides have been distributed in the past two months, which is an indication of
the popularity and use of the guide.

Challenges and Changes Made
Challenges include selling paid advertising and receiving the ads in time for publication. Changes in the future will be to change the deadline. The paid advertisement not only pays for the publication, but provides a small reserve for future tourism advertisement initiatives.

Target Audience
The target audience is the tourism sector. Since the document has all restaurants from fine dining to food trucks, it targets visitors of all demographics. Further the document is available online which can assist in planning and engaging future visitors.

Awards Category
Single advertisement promoting culinary tourism and the diverse restaurants and culinary experiences.

The Dining Guide is designed in a concise manner to ensure the user can get the information they need quickly and easily with a minimal number of pages. The electronic version promotes sustainability and encourages visitors to go online.

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