Creating Greater Opportunities

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The Purpose and Target Audience
In the past, our office developed and maintained several different promotional or lure pieces for potential investors within a few key sectors for the County (e.g. Manufacturing, Agriculture and Agri-Foods, Tourism and Health and Wellness).  With time we noticed a trend with the same types of questions coming up during initial meetings with potential investors.  We also found ourselves pulling out a tourism map for the area during the majority of the meetings as the potential client wanted to get a better sense of the location being discussed and its proximity to key areas and attributes such as Toronto, our regional airport (Lake Simcoe Regional Airport), other developments, highways, etc.  During many of these meetings we would often start marking the map up and most clients would ask to keep the marked up copy.  Reflecting on this learning, we decided to create a ‘smarter’ lure piece that helped address the commonly asked questions that included a map featuring many of the key assets or attributes we would point out when using the original tourism map.  We also took a step back on the branding issue and decided we needed to ‘check the ego at the door’ recognizing that in an international market place, the County would not stand out on its own.  As such we incorporated language, colours and images to capitalize on the Canadian brand (e.g. Canadian flag, map of Canada made out of Canadian flag on back) as well as the Ontario brand (e.g. Central Ontario).  The resulting product now acts as our generic lure piece replacing past sectoral pieces.  Our primary target audience is potential investors that are considering Simcoe County as an investment location.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
The creation of one generic document has proved to be a more effective tool that is not just shared as a ‘leave behind piece’ but rather it is often ‘actively’ used during meetings as we use the map to help orient the potential client on not only the location of the County but also key points of interest for them that reflect their individual needs and interests (e.g. proximity to markets or major urban centres, proximity to airports, rail, etc.).  To extend the usefulness of the product, we also made it available electronically in a printer-friendly format (without the map).

Challenges & Changes Made:
The main challenge we had related to branding and design.  As alluded to above, after we took a step back and tried to put ourselves in the shoes of potential foreign investors, we knew we needed to deviate from the past look and feel of County marketing pieces.  We knew we needed to try to first zero in on potential investors that could be considering Canada and then Ontario, and as such we incorporated language, colours and images to help capitalize on these stronger brands.  We still tied into the County branding though with a connection to our motto which is ‘For the Greater Good’ using the title “Creating Greater Opportunities.”

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