Video: County of Brant Economic Development “Simply Grand To Have It All”

Promotional - Video | County of Brant

In the fall of 2017, the County of Brant’s Economic Development & Tourism Department produced a video that’s goal was to show that Brant was not only a scenic destination, but possessed a powerful cross section of established agriculture and booming industry. This fast paced video is meant to stimulate the viewer’s interest in Brant. A booming baseline is accompanied with exciting imagery that perfectly showcases the excitement we believe should be felt while doing business in Brant.

The purpose of the video was meant to show that Brant is an exciting place to live, work and most importantly, thrive. All of the adjectives that are utilized in the video display a different aspect that our stellar workforce embodies. From the talent of those working in the service industry and skilled trades, to the overall authenticity that the County of Brant offers to residents, the video is meant to show that our County shines in all aspects.

Overall, the effectiveness and reception to the video has been exceptional across all industries. With community champions backing and sharing the video on their various social platforms, we have amassed over 2,000 views on YouTube and have had hundreds of thousands of impressions on Facebook and Twitter. The video itself also was effective in the use of local resources and talent as all scenes in the video were shot in the County. In addition, the video was edited and filmed by local businesses, Jane and Jury, and Royl Creative.  Due to the development of the video, several companies have contacted our office about possibly investing in Brant – this stems from the video resonating with key decision makers who have stated that it awoke a level of excitement within them.

Some of the challenges that we were able to overcome for this video occurred in terms of the project scope and the budget.  In terms of the project scope, creative differences did arise between parties involved – however, through strong communication and a redeveloped and succinct storyboard, these differences were resolved effectively.  This also would have had a significant impact on the budget, but through effective communication and e-mail proof, the project was able to be kept within the $10,000.00 limit notwithstanding the expanded video footage acquisitions and numerous re-edits.

The target audience for this video is geared towards all demographics.  With something for everyone, this video showcases the advantages of locating here as either a young entrepreneur or middle-aged professional by being connected to major markets and technology hubs.  For those who are nearing the end of their careers, Brant is a thriving centre for quality of life and retirement living!

The message we wanted to communicate through the project is that Brant is Simply Grand and the ideal place to live, work and thrive!

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