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To increase public understanding of the region’s business climate and COEDC services through in-house content while building partner relationships and leveraging the collective “Okanagan story” through shared content.

In 2017, in conjunction with a redevelopment of the website, the COEDC began to shift the branding of the region away from a historical focus on lifestyle and tourism elements towards the business, career  and entrepreneurial opportunities that abound in BC’s fastest growing tech hub. Over the past 12 months, the COEDC has focused on creating and sharing meaningful blog content as a strategic component of this shift.

The COEDC utilizes its blog to disseminate content created in-house, and share content created by our many  partners, including UBC Okanagan, Okanagan College, Kelowna International Airport, Accelerate Okanagan and industry to tell the story of the Central Okanagan’s thriving economy.

Blog content meets two strategic objectives. Content created by COEDC staff serves to increase public awareness of the role of the COEDC and economic development as a practice, while increasing the COEDC’s role as a thought leader in economic development in the region. The most popular blog post in 2018 was “A Day in the Life of Economic Development”, which sought to increase awareness of the economic development profession as well as COEDC services.

By sharing content from partners through the blog, the COEDC has established a hub that brings together information and innovation from various industries from agriculture to aerospace. Viewed collectively, the impact of the diverse content is greater than the sum of its parts. Sharing content enhances the strong relationships that the COEDC has with its partners and leads to reciprocal sharing, a key strategic priority.

Direct: The COEDC blog has been a very effective method of sharing information with over 4,100 views. In addition, close to 5% of all website traffic enters through the blog page directly and drives deeper into the website from there.
Pageviews: 4,104
Avg Time on Page: 1:37
Entrances: 1,590, 4.69% of total

Building blog content is a recognized best practice for improving search engine optimization. New content keeps the site fresh and the internal and external links in the posts improve the ranking of the site.

Indirect: In addition to increased public awareness and community branding, an important indirect benefit is enhanced relationships. As a central hub for regional economic stories, partners share their content with the COEDC and vice versa, improving communications and collaboration.

As a small team of 4 staff with no additional budget for the blog, it is a challenge to continually create and maintain blog content. The COEDC does not have a staff member dedicated to Communications or Marketing so all content is created in addition to other duties. To mitigate the strain on staff time, the COEDC has a defined posting schedule and leverages partner content.

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