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On behalf of Middlesex County, an upper-tier municipality located in southwestern Ontario, we proudly submit our business profile video series showcased on the website: videofeed. The 2017-2018 video series consists of eight videos that feature businesses across each of the eight municipalities located in Middlesex County. The businesses featured include BJ’s Country
Market, Cooper Standard Manufacturing, Dortmans Bros. Farm Equipment Inc., Newbury Dental, Nikos Restaurant, Pentacast Inc., Seelster Farms, and Sundance Balloons. Each business was carefully selected in order to showcase a variety of businesses across the four key economic sectors that are active in the County; agri-business, manufacturing, small business/entrepreneurship, and tourism.

The marketing objective behind the business profile video series is two-fold; the first intention of the videos is to reward local investors by providing them with access to professional promotional services as a way to thank them for choosing to do business in Middlesex County. The second intention is to promote the benefits of visiting, living, and investing in Middlesex County. As a municipality, we recognize the substantial role that local investors and business owners have in producing economic prosperity for the region. As a result, we strive to feature tourist destinations and local investors that are able to highlight the rural advantage that Middlesex has to offer. These decisions are motivated by our understanding of the significant role that local investment has for the larger community of Middlesex and Ontario. It has been our privilege and passion to be able to showcase extraordinary businesses in Middlesex County which is precisely what the marketing campaign aimed to achieve.

In addition to the videos being posted on Middlesex County’s website, the local businesses featured, and the County, have each shared the video content on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have found that showcasing the businesses on social media has generated a deeper level of engagement and sense of community around the companies involved. The use of social
media platforms in this manner has allowed for story-telling to occur from both the businesses, as well as the public, as they are simultaneously able to share their experiences of Middlesex County. The dialogue that is generated through engaging with the video content is the essence of what we intended to occur when initiating the business profile videos. By highlighting the extraordinary businesses and the people behind the scenes in Middlesex, we have been able to reach our intended target audience of prospective investors, the local business community and their customers, as well as residents and visitors of Middlesex County. As a result, the feedback received from viewers of the videos and the business owners participating in the profile videos has been overwhelmingly positive. However, that is not to say that there were not any challenges in place when undertaking the project. For example, while filming we wanted to capture the authenticity of the businesses and opted for unscripted videos which meant that while filming we were never quite sure how the end product would turn out. Along with the videos being unscripted, we were also subject to budget and time constraints. This meant that obstacles like the weather kept us on our toes and we had to find ways to be resourceful and creative to ensure
we were able to work within our limits. Despite the challenges presented throughout the process, the final eight business profile videos came together in a way that we feel effectively showcases some of the best that Middlesex County has to offer and we are proud to submit them for consideration for the 2018 Marketing Awards.

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