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The Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) E-newsletter is a curated electronic newsletter that provides information relevant to local businesses to support their locating and growing in Burlington. The e-newsletter is concise, conversational and professional promoted through website sign-up, social media promotion, direct link sign ups and a customer service requests through BEDC’s Customer Relationship Management software. The e-newsletter engages the Burlington business community on incentives, data and policy updates, noteworthy news and focused events into one easy to read email to connect them to the resources they need to support their growth and stay up to date on developments in the Burlington business community.

The E-Newsletter aims to educate and celebrate Burlington though content that supports business growth, creates a sense of community through local business success stories and educates on key data, policy and news through easy to understand features. The target audience of the BEDC newsletter is the Burlington and regional business community. In 2016 BEDC made the decision to put more attention
and resources into the BEDC E-Newsletter, BEDC has seen a 31% increase in open rates and a 6% increase in link clicks, with a 17% average. These numbers are key considering 66% of our newsletter recipients are in decision making roles and 58% are located at Burlington based businesses, with 64% working in the Halton Region. These metrics demonstrate that our newsletter is reaching our target audience and readers are engaged with the content.

The 2018 January – February Newsletter is an example of the kind of content BEDC features monthly. This edition provides an update on the new Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and how manufacturers could benefit and connect into the supercluster project, funding opportunities for businesses, a partnership piece with local post-secondary institution Mohawk College on how their corporate training can assist business using City of Burlington program as an example. This newsletter had a 30% open rate and a 24% click rate.

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