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  • The Bay of Quinte Interactive Kiosk has transformed the way tourists and residents can explore our region’s attractions and amenities. It’s a dual tourism-resident attraction interface that launched on July 25th, 2017.
    • Watch a demo of the kiosk functionality ( and read about it (Appendix A)
    • Visit online: Tourism: & Resident Attraction:
  • The electronic strategy is twofold — available on desktop/mobile and in 16 high-traffic physical locations in BoQ.
    • Marketing of physical kiosks occurs via a multifaceted campaign across all of our digital channels, including on social media for awareness, website with kiosk interface calls to action and video for “how-to” purposes
    • Marketing of the online version is executed via a programmatic advertising campaign targeting potential tourists and residents (particularly in GTA, Ottawa & SE ON) who search relevant keywords and also those in the BoQ region by geofencing at hotels and other high-traffic locations + via pop-up on the physical kiosk

Purpose of Project 

  • Our DMP, the Quinte Accommodations & Attractions Association (QAAA), came to us with a challenge – could we digitize our Bay of Quinte Discovery Map to alleviate their front desk staff from “concierge” duties during busy times, but still provide patrons with an available tourism navigation tool.
    • The result is a web map application enabling users to navigate the Bay of Quinte’s vast tourism offering
  • Shortly after, members from our partner organization the Quinte Home Builders Association (QHBA), challenged us to do the same thing for resident attraction – create a digital navigation asset for their sales teams/realtors.
    • The result is a web map application giving new/potential residents the ability to easily find the primary residential amenities, like schools, hospitals, daycares, banks, etc.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
Partner/stakeholder approval

  • Firstly and perhaps most importantly, QAAA & QHBA (who originally requested the product development), have said that the kiosks have exceeded their expectations, doing exactly what they hoped they would do. Hotel staff, visitor services staff, realtors and builders, even doctor recruitment officials use this as a strategic way finding tool
  • Our three municipal partners (Belleville, Quinte West & Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte) were so impressed with the sophistication of the kiosk platform that each of their councils commissioned kiosks for their public buildings
  • The Belleville & Quinte West Chambers of Commerce have integrated the service of assisting a business to complete its kiosk business profile (Google Places/TripAdvisor) as part of their membership added-value package
  • 395 businesses are featured on our kiosk system for users to discover and now benefit from the exposure
  • After seeing the product’s strength and potential, Kingston Accommodation Partners is working with our web designer and currently testing 3x physical kiosks and Elgin County is in discussions to test the interface as well

Zero glitches

  • One of the most significant measures of effectiveness with this platform has been that in one full year, we have yet to experience any glitches or malfunctions with the back-end or the user interface (knock on wood!)


  • In the first year of usage, the kiosk platform has experienced 32,823 total actions (See metrics in APPENDIX B)


  • The Bay of Quinte kiosk platform was recognized with an Honourable Mention in the Technology & New Media category (population 50k – 250k) at the Economic Developers Council of Ontario Awards of Excellence

Challenges & Changes Made
App vs Web
We made the decision to create a web-based application vs. creating a native app because:

  • Building an app is very expensive and we were challenged with limited budget for R&D
  • We wanted to prevent barrier to entry — the Bay of Quinte region is still a growing destination and we felt that the step required to download an app for usage would be a barrier and deter potential users

Physical Stand
We couldn’t find a physical housing that was rugged enough for our needs or would fit an 18” tablet, so we worked closely with a local machine shop on a custom design solution. It also deters theft with a 50lb base, houses additional electronics such as power cords and modems, plus allows for multiple branding areas (see APPENDIX C)

Target Audience
Physical kiosk 

  • Tourists/residents: 16 high-traffic Bay of Quinte locations, including hotels, visitor centres & community centres


  • Potential tourists and residents/actual residents via a programmatic ad campaign + geofencing (as per above)

How do you Keep this site up to date?
We set this website up to facilitate minimum maintenance. The map is run from a Google Maps API and the business profiles integrate existing Google Places and TripAdvisor profiles. Therefore, we aren’t required to upkeep anything – when a business updates their profile, our kiosk application pulls in the new info.

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