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Augmented Reality (AR), the NEXT WAVE in promotional tools. We took a traditional, 2”X3.5” business card and had it come to life using AR technology; showcasing Abbotsford as an innovative, forward- thinking community;  providing more usefulness and interactivity to the card recipient. AR gives the potential for limitless consumer engagement, and it can help your customers see your product, or in our case – the Mayor, through fresh eyes.  We wanted to be able to offer the public a new take on a common item promotional item. We wanted to be able to take an everyday item, that typically has little personality and next to no impact on the user and totally change that. By incorporating AR into the Mayor’s Business card, we were able to connect the public directly to the Mayor, increasing his accessibility. We aren’t afraid to go where people haven’t gone before as we embrace technology, not only to try something new, but to utilize and enhance tools already available. We are putting innovation and technology to work for us, to set us apart from other communities. The information provided to the public once the Mayor’s Business Card is scanned is not just the traditional contact information but provides a value-added experience.  Appendix A provides the print-ready file of the business card for your review the card zapper icon is in gold on the front of the card. Download the ZAPPER app and enjoy the experience!

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
A key advantage to using AR is that the technology is readily available and is intuitive for the user. By having scannable,  ’living’  business cards, we can show the public more information , in our case about the Mayor; using short video,  interactive icons for social email, adding to contacts, auto phone dial, website and more. The responses to the card are always positive with ‘WOW’ and ‘HOW COOL!’ the most common.

The personalization component of incorporating AR allowed us to create something truly unique. We were able to express Abbotsford’s and the Mayor’s individuality in a way that’s more engaging than a standard business card. The interactivity component encourages users to revisit the content repeatedly increasing interaction and communication.

By using a ‘ZAPPER’ app to scan the card it unlocks the AR downloading information from the cloud.  This also enables us to garner analytics. We can see how many people have viewed the card, if there are any repeat visitors and what is trending as far as user activity.

Affordability of AR – Cost of utilizing this ground-breaking technology can be daunting; so we adopted the following to make this initiative affordable:

  • Extensive research to find ZAPPER – a UK company who are new but relatively established providing a cost-effective, easy to use solution to utilizing AR technology
  • We repurposed the same business card design for recognition purposes and design cost savings, just added the Zapper icon and the download instructions to the reverse.
  • The video that plays as the Zapper icon unlocks and AR technology kicks was been repurposed by substantial editing from a 2017 EDAC winning video

It was extremely important that we made the use of this technology easy for all demographics ensuring those who aren’t familiar with this technology aren’t intimidated. Our marketing contractor, Original Ginger created a short demonstration video, walking people through the process of scanning the card and how to navigate the app ZAPPAR to be able to use all the button features i.e. Automatic contact information download; the Mayor’s video on Abbotsford; Accessing the Mayor’s social media accounts, automatic phone dialling and email him directly from the touch of an interactive virtual button. Easy to follow instructions are also printed on the rear of the business card.

Target Audience
Anyone seeking more information or accessibility to the Mayor. It’s easy to source an array of information with the use of one Zapper icon.

The business card is made from recyclable cardstock, the AR content was promoted explicitly via
e-newsletters and social media. The card zapper icon in gold on the front can be scanned by your mobile device from your laptop or iPad – it doesn’t have to be printed.  The long term sustainability of utilizing this technology is in no doubt, we have already adopted its use in our tourism branch and our councillors wish to use it for their election campaigns.  We are examining its use for producing a media kit for 2019.

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