Video: Alive with Opportunity

Promotional - Video | City of Cambridge

Purpose of the Project
The original purpose of this project was to create an inspiring advertising piece that highlighted the recent successes in the business community to be unveiled at the Mayor’s State of the City, and to be included in an ongoing campaign to promote the City of Cambridge as an ideal location for investment within Ontario’s Innovation Corridor.

To promote the City as an ideal location for investment:

  • strong business community and thriving entrepreneurial network
  • diverse and affordable housing with a small town feel and big city amenities
  • strong labour force
  • a strong culture based community

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The impact of this video has been quantifiable. The INVEST “Alive with Opportunity” video has been viewed and shared more than 15,000 times in the 3 months since it has been launched (April 26, 2018). It has garnered 13,000 Facebook views, 2,100 Twitter views and over 500 views on YouTube, and counting.
Additional benefits include:

  • Local and regional realtors utilizing the video in the promotion of their listed available sites and buildings
  • Local businesses linking to the video to help promote their private ventures
  • Business owners reaching out who would like to collaborate on future projects

Challenges & Changes Made
Completing this project in a condensed time frame, and working within the budgetary constraints as this was not part of the original 2018 budget allocation. We overcame this challenge by working with our regional partners and pulling from Cambridge centric Waterloo Economic Development Corporation previous filming projects to reduce new shoot time. Ensuring that the video met the needs for the Mayor’s State of the City, while still providing the ability to use this video for ongoing marketing and promotion and appeal to a broader base. Our method for overcoming this was to meet with all the key stakeholders involved, understanding their “asks” and then prioritizing the goals. The end result provided us with a practical captivating new tool that created a digital “buzz” in the community.

Target Audience
The intended audience for this project include:

  • Residents of the City of Cambridge
  • Existing business owners in the City of Cambridge
  • Business owners looking to expand to the City of Cambridge (big or small)
  • Developers and Investors.
  • Other successes include local realtors using the video for promotion of their sites and buildings as well as local business owners utilizing the video to help promote their business.

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