Activity and Travel Guide

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Strathcona County

Purpose of the project
To promote local independent businesses; to promote tourism opportunities within the Strathcona County area. As well as:
• To inform residents of local business
• To inspire residents / entrepreneurs to open and / or expand business here in Strathcona County
• To enhance the Strathcona County reputation as an excellent place to do business
• To increase the total prosperity and assessment in Strathcona County
• To improve quality of place / quality of life in the community

The digital document can be viewed here.

Businesses are proud to be represented and marketed with the Activity and Travel Guide. The publication features only local, non-chain non-franchise businesses and activities, providing an advertising venue at no cost to them.
There are 10,000 Activity and Travel Guides printed and distributed within the Alberta region within major cities, tourism visitor information centres and retail locations. Currently all locations have already depleted their allotted inventory by mid-June 2018.

From April to July, 2018, ISSUU statistics are positive:
• 180 reads
• 1,783 impressions
• 3 link-outs

Webpage visits are also significant, with 1,199 page views of from April
to July, 2018 (where online document is located)

In 2017, the Activity and Travel Guide won a international Gold MarCom Award, as part of a larger
integrated marketing campaign.

Challenges and changes made
No challenges are experienced with the production of this publication.

Target audience
• Local business owners
• Residents
• Edmonton Capital Region
• Tourists (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana)

Award category specifics: a unique, high-quality, 52-page, 8”x8” size, saddle-stitched, full colour
magazine, published on a yearly basis. To maintain sustainability, printed FSC (paper from responsible
sources) and available digitally on ISSUU.

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