Access Prosperity International Business Development Program Marketing Suite

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Central Alberta: Access Prosperity

Purpose of Project
The purpose of the project was to introduce and build awareness throughout the Central Alberta region of Access Prosperity’s new International Business Development Program. We anticipated that the suite of materials would be distributed by Economic Development Practitioners to local businesses throughout the region as well as picked up by potential clients at informational events. The expected outcome of this distribution was both economic development practitioners and businesses in the region having enough information on the program to encourage them to participate.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
Economic development practitioners were enthusiastic about taking packages to distribute to appropriate businesses in their area. There were several direct requests for more packages. Over a period of 9 months, 69 companies entered Phase 1 of the program, with 24 companies progressing into Phase 2. We judge that we were able to meet our objective of informing businesses in order for them to make the decision to participate in the program.

Challenges and Changes Made
A challenge we faced while developing the suite of materials was creating a distinct appearance for the materials while also honouring our overall brand. We did this by working with new colour and images while integrating our trademark “swoosh” into the materials. Grey is also one of our brand colours and we carried this throughout the new suite. The new colour, navy blue, was chosen because of its association with trustworthiness and intelligence. We wanted to portray our expertise in the field of international business development and establish ourselves as a “safe bet” in the risky business of international expansion. We felt that the navy blue colour achieved this aim far better than our main brand colour, red.

Target Audience
We had two target audiences for this suite of materials. First, professionals working in economic development. These professionals are always on the look-out for programs that will assist businesses in their sphere in succeeding and expanding. Our main concern targeting this demographic was to reinforce the relationships we already have with these professionals and to uphold the professional and competent image we already enjoy. The second demographic is business-people in Central Alberta who are looking to expand their businesses internationally. This demographic prefers calculated risk in their business endeavours, so it was important that we establish ourselves as a trustworthy source of assistance in these matters and leverage our support network, which we did by including our sponsor
organizations on materials.

We were sure to make electronic versions of the materials available, being mindful of the impact of printing materials on the environment. Electronic copies can be circulated far more widely with far less impact on the environment. Electronic copies can also be easily updated as new information becomes available.

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